Part One, Twilight

Many people consider themselves Twilight Fns, which may or may not be true. But this quiz will put you to the test for the all coveted role as, Pure Twilighter

Are YOU a Pure Twilighter? Do you have the knowledge to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Webmaster
  1. Fill in this line from the movie said by the biology teacher:"Eggshells ______, compost is_____!"
  2. In the book, Bella uses her "Seattle excuse" to get away from her admirers, but in the movie, she is going to-
  3. The one scene where Rosalie doesn't wear her Cullen Crest in the movie is-
  4. What does Edward say in the movie right before Bella drops her apple?
  5. What isn't on the Cullen Crest?
  6. What chapter is it in the book where Bella thinks to herself, 'Could the Cullens be vampires?'
  7. In the movie, what is Edward's excuse for his shifting of eye color?
  8. 'Edward in the sunlight was shocking.' This is the first sentence to what chapter?
  9. In the book when Bella's running from James, she escapes from her babysiters in the airport by taking the other exit in the-
  10. In the Chapter 5, Blood Type of the book, the music in Edward's car was-

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