Twilight Series Quotes

There are people in the world with names. There are people in the world with faces. But the majority of the people in the world have stomachs. If you know the Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn quotes well you will do well.

Do YOU have a name? Do YOU have a face? Do YOU have a stomach? If you do you are a special person! You will do well in this quiz if you read the Twilight series carefully. After the quiz please read my recomendations for you! Thanks!

Created by: Briallie
  1. Who said, "Fall Down again Bella?"
  2. Who said "It sounded like you were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see if you would share."
  3. Who said, "Sometimes your a little strange Bella. Do you know that?"
  4. Who said"Bells, we're up to bat."
  5. Who said, "Don't get your family slaughtered for pride."
  6. Who said, "Nice to have toddlers guarding the fort."
  7. Who said, "Monsters are not a joke, Bella."
  8. Who said, "I'm sure about you. The rest I can live through."
  9. Who said, "Maybe it's none of my business, but I don't think that is such a good idea."
  10. Who said, "I'm no Alice – you're just predictable."

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