Do you know your Twilight Quotes

Twilight, full of love, action, a bit a comedy, and loyalty. Who wouldn't love them( jerks), but how many if us actually remember the quotes from the movies and books? Try your knowledge :)

You read the books and/or seen all five movies. You fallen in love with either Edward or Jacob and Jasper, Emit, Seth, Jared, Carlisle, etc...., Now is the time to see if you can remember the quotes from the movies and the books. Have fun love;)

Created by: Melissa
  1. Who said " Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be really tan?"
  2. Who said "The Cullen's disappear on nice sunny days"
  3. Who said " We shouldn't be friends"
  4. Who said " It's just like a old scary story"?
  5. Who said " as if a lion fell in love with a lamb"? Ps really easy
  6. Who said " Too bad he wasn't strong enough to change you"?
  7. Who said " Bella is apart of are family now, and we protect our family"
  8. Who said " no one will give in, but ill never stop trying"
  9. Who said " You are looking a little pale lately"
  10. Who said " I ask one thing, kiss me"
  11. Who said " I know what he did to you, and I will never hurt you" ps again easy
  12. Who said " so your a werewolf" ?
  13. Who said " what is that god awful wet dog smell!"?
  14. Who said "You would give up your life, for someone like us?"
  15. Who said " I vote no"
  16. Who said " some say the world will end in fire, others in ice"?
  17. Who said " it is just you and me right"?
  18. Who said " another party Alice"? Ps this one kinda hard
  19. Who said " two things about fighting new borns........"?
  20. Who said " never turn your back on your enemy"
  21. Who said " What did I say, about a low profile!!!!"
  22. Who said " I'm gonna fight for you, till your heart stops heating, and maybe even after that " ps easy again
  23. Who said " Are those graduation caps?"
  24. Who said " You have no idea how beautiful you look tonight"?
  25. Who said " Say the words Alice! Baby! It's just a little baby!"
  26. Who said " I'm guessing it a boy"
  27. Who said " Its a girl. Renesme" ?
  28. Who said " I won't kill you. You should live with this!"?
  29. Who said " We are now the same temperature" ps easy easy easy question
  30. Who said " you really do stink"
  31. Who said " I stopped aging three days ago"
  32. Who said " they will come when the snow falls"
  33. Who said " Never seen a new born with that much strength"
  34. Who said " why did Uncle Jasper & Aunt Alice leave us" ?
  35. Who said " Take care if my daughter"
  36. Who said " I would like to meet her"
  37. Who said " She is gonna be around for a long right"
  38. Who said " no one has ever love someone as much as I love you"

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