Twilight Quotes: who Says What?

There's many smart people but are you smart enough for this Twilight quiz. Check it out, take the quiz and find out if you are a true twilight fan! Rate this quiz too.

Are you a twilight freak take this quiz to find out! Hurry take it to find out if youre a true fan of twilight, its movies, and books! Take it to see if you know twilight like me?

Created by: kelly

  1. Who says'Your like a drug to me, like my own personal brand of heroine?'
  2. 'Does me being half naked bother you'said by...
  3. 'Until your heart stopd beating bella, I will here fighting'is said by...
  4. ... Said(if you ever kiss her again ill brake your jaw for her.).
  5. How stronglt are you apposed to grand theft auto?, is said by...
  6. I love you, you are my LIFE now... Was said by...
  7. I'm nearly a hundred and ten its time I settle down -by who.
  8. I punched a werewolf in the face...(said who).
  9. Stupid shiny volvo owner' said by?
  10. Fell again bella?.. Who said it.

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