Who are you from Twilight?

okay this is total twilight. you wanna check it out??? you have to. it is so cool to take and i appologize if my calculations are not correct. peace!

Are YOU a jacob lover, edward lover, or are you a couple lover like "alice and jasper" or "jacob and bella" i am so really very sorry if my calculatins to not match up:)

Created by: Haylee

  1. Team Edwar or Team Jacob?
  2. If you were to pick, VAMPIRE or WEREWOLF?
  3. Who is your favorite character?
  4. Which is your favorite movie out of the series?
  5. Would you rather...
  6. (this is going to help me calculate) What is your fave color out of the following?
  7. Who is your fave vampire?(girl vamires only)
  8. Who is your fave vampire? (boy vampires only)
  9. Who is cuter?
  10. Who is prettier?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from Twilight?