Twilight - Love It Or Hate It?

I'm sure we've all heard of Twilight. Like Marmite, it's one of those things - Love it or Hate it! This quiz is designed to show you just how much you love Twilight - and also how much you hate it!

Are YOU a Twilight Fan? Are YOU a Twilight Hater? Find out what Twilight really means to YOU. Just complete the Quiz and let us do the rest of the work for you to reveal what you really think!

Created by: passion4horses
  1. Your best friend has told you they are destroying everything with Twilight on it. Books, films, bags - if it's got Twilight on it, it's going. Do you...
  2. You see a Twilight poster on the wall when you're in town. Do you...
  3. You have no Twilight films and have not seen any of the movies. When you're out in town, there's someone selling REAL Twilight films - signed by the Twilight people! They cost £50 and you only have £50 with you - your birthday money. It's a one-off chance and you may never get one ever again! Do you..
  4. It's your birthday! Your parents have organized a special treat for you. If you do the washing up every day for three months, you can meet the Twilight people when they go to the Film Awards. Do you..
  5. In English, you can write a story. It must be your own storyline, but you can use any characters you like. Do you..
  6. Your school is doing an exclusive trip to meet Twilighters. There are only two places. 400 students are trying to get the trip. Do you..
  7. If you could have only one person in the entire world, would it be..?
  8. How much do you know about Twilight? Be truthful to yourself.
  9. How much do you THINK you like Twilight? Be honest!
  10. Your parents are letting you refurbish your room. New furniture, curtains and a fresh lick of paint and roll of wallpaper. Do you..

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