Jacob or Edward- Really?

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So Twilight's huge, and everyone has mixed feelings about it. Maybe you're having trouble deciding which team you're rooting for? Maybe you hate Twilight period. Not saying I'll be accurate but I can take a guess based on your personality who you are most like, and maybe would get along with better.

Maybe (like I said) you hate everything about Twilight period or maybe you hate it just because of the characters it focuses on. But in the end, only you can decide on your true feelings (does this sound cheesy or WHAT?!)...

Created by: Sunshine

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  1. Someone is being mugged. What do you do?
  2. Who do you think you prefer?
  3. What sounds most like you?
  4. You try to...
  5. Why are you really taking this quiz?
  6. Now let's compare... Do you have faith in yourself?
  7. Is it easy for you to make friends, or do people feel threatened around you?
  8. Lastly, what is it about you that people find annoying?
  9. So what is the one thing you would change about Twilight?
  10. Last question! Kind of predictable, but hey- What's your favorite animal?

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