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I love the twilight saga and I really like the twilight love story quizzes so I thought I would try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So YAY and have a great day!!

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  1. It's your first day at Forks Highschool. You just moved here to live with your father Charlie. You pull up in your new/old truck and get out, when you do a guy walks up to you and introduces himself to you, "Hi! Your Railynn, right? I'm Seth!" He has a huge smile on his face. "If you want I can show you around and you can sit with me and my family at lunch!" You can't resist, "Um, sure!" you say.
  2. Seth walks you to class, kisses your cheek, then walks away smiling. "Wow...." You say to yourself. "Oh I know right?! He is way to young for you." says a voice behind you. You jump then turn around to see who it is, you see a big muscular guy behind you. He starts laughing, "did I scare you?!" He laughs. "I'm Emmett" he says "that was my younger brother Seth, He is very outgoing, so watch out!" He laughs again "are you going to say anything?" He asks. "Oh um hi! I'm Railynn....I'm new." You say. "Ah, Railynn, well is there anything I can call you for short?" He asks. "Yeah" you say, "you can call me Rai!" You say smiling. "Why are you smiling?" He asks.
  3. "Um, No reason!" you say blushing. "Your cute when you blush." He says. You blush even more. "There we go!" He says laughing "We should probably sit can sit with me!" He says smiling. "Ok!" you say smiling. (He seems to smile and laugh a lot, fun!) you think to yourself. You and Emmet go and sit down behind a tiny girl with sort black hair. She turns around to face you and Emmett. "Hi Railynn! I'm Alice. This is my sister Rosalie!" Alice points to the girl next to her. "Yeah whatever" Rosalie says...(rude) you think to yourself. "Ok class! Let's get started!" Says the teacher. "Emmett! Let's start with you! Would you please tell us what the square root of pi is!" He says. "I believe Rai knows the answer!" He yells. You smack his arm. He laughs and says "what's the square root of pi Rai? Everyone is waiting!" He laughs again. " ummm, the square root of pi is 1.77245385091" you say smirking. You look over at Emmett, he is staring open mouthed at you...."you may want to close your mouth Emmett, you don't want flies to fly in do you?" You laugh.
  4. Alice laughs. "Emmett you should probably learn what she is good at before you try to embarrass her!" She laughs again. The bell suddenly rings, which startles you. Emmett and Alice start laughing. You see Rosalie smirking. Your mad because they are laughing at you, but then you force yourself to laugh and you just start laughing naturally. You all get up and walk to lunch. Emmett, Alice, and Rosalie take you to their table. There you see Seth and three other guys you haven't met before. "Railynn!" Seth yells. He runs up, hugs you, then puts his arm around you and walks to his table. "Hey guys! This is Railynn! Railynn, this is Jasper, Edward, and Jacob! They are my other brothers! I see you already met Emmett..." He says smiling. Emmett laughs. "Yeah she has!" He says "And she said I am awesome and the best by far!" He says laughing. Seth took his arm from around my shoulders and runs up to Emmett and they start wrestling. They both go up to the lunch line and get some food. So you sit down.
  5. "Hey guys." you say. " Hello." Edward says. "Hey." Says Jacob. Jasper says nothing you notice. "Hello Jasper!" You say. You give him a warm smile. "Hello" he says, then he gets up and leaves. "Sorry Railynn, he is new to not drinking humans." Jacob says, Edward elbows him in the ribs. Hard. "Excuse me?" You say. "Nothing! I said nothing. Wha-" just then Seth comes back and cuts Jacob off. "Hey guys! What are you talking about?" He says with a giant grin.
  6. Edward looks at Seth. "Ohhh, nevermind then!" Seth says with a smile. Then he looks at Jacob with a stern face. "Be careful Jacob. You have no idea what that could get us into." Seth says in a serious voice. They are all staring at eachother in silence. "Well I have no idea what your talking about" I say. "Can someone please tell me?" I ask? "We need to tell you somethi-" Seth starts to say...."Your coming to our ouse tonight Railynn!" Jacob cuts Seth off. Guys you do know what will happen to us if the Volturi found out we told her right?!" Alice adds. She hasn't talked in so long you forgot she was there. Emmett walks back to the table and kisses you softly on the lips. "What did I miss?" He says with a smile. Everyone at the table, (including you), stare at him. "What?" He asked. Then his expression became serious. "Oh, Damn it Jacob! You blabber mouth!" Suddenly Jacob gets up, walkes over to Emmett, and raises his fist. ~what do i do?~, you think.
  7. Jacob stops, looks at you, then storms away. "What's his problem?" you think. "THATS MY GIRL!!!" Emmett tells. You smile and laugh. "How about instead of the big old grumpy guys making you come to our house," Alice starts, all the guys look at Alice with a look of giggle. "You come have a sleepover with me and Rose!" she gladly says. "Rose wouldn't that be fun!?" Alice asks. "Yay...." Rosalie says with an attitude. You notice she is staring at someone over your shoulder. You turn around to look. You see a guy standing on a table singing and joking around. "You like that guy over there don't you?" You say smiling. "What?! No way Railynn. Who put that idea in your head?" She asks. Then she looks down and smiles. "You totally do!" You smile and get up. She suddenly looks up. "What are you doing?!" She asks. "She is going to talk to ole Mikey over there!" Emmett laughs. "Shut up Emmett!" Rose yells. "Rai please don't!" She says. "Rose. It's fine. I'm sure he will like you!" Just then the bell rings. "Crap" You mumble. The rest of the day speeds by really fast and now it's time to leave.
  8. Your at your house cooking dinner for your dad and getting your stuff together for the sleepover when you hear a car horn. "Rai!!!" You hear Emmett's booming bounce outside. "Railynn were waiting!" You run outside to find Emmett, Alice, and Rosalie waiting in a Jeep. "Hey guys!" You yell. Emmett jumps out kisses you, then grabs your stuff and throws it into the jeep. You climb in and look at Alice. She nods then slaps Emmett. You, Rose, and Alice start laughing. You get to their house and start hanging out with Alice and Rosalie. You three have been talking for hours. "Where's the bathroom?" You ask Alice. "Down the hall first door on the left." She says. "K" I say then I walk out of the room and start to the bathroom. Then out of no where a hand grabs you and pulls you I and starts kissing you. You are startled and he keeps kissing you. You start kissing him back. Who do you want it to be?
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