Twilight story

This is a Twilight story but a little different in my own version. I know you'll like it! You won't be Bella you'll be her COUSIN that visits Forks.

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Created by: Scar
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  1. You sit sulkily in the back seat with your uncle Phil driving you to his house. Your mother and father divorced and your mother thought it would be best to let you stay with Uncle Phil while they sort things out. "You'll love it here," Uncle Phil said. "Bella does, and as her cousin i guess you would too,"
  2. You see the sagging white house and silently go inside with your bags. You sigh as you go to your room and sit on your bed, tears rolling down your pale cheeks.
  3. "hey," you wipe your tears quickly to see your older cousin, Bella. "hey, Bella," you say. Bella laughed. "You'll get used to Forks," she said. "I made friends quickly," she thought of Edward, which you don't know who he his. "well gotta go," Bella says. "where are you going?" you ask. "I'm on a date with a boy named Edward," she blushes and leaves.
  4. Bella goes outside to meet the vampire Edward. "who was that kid?" Edward asks. "My cousin," Bella says. "She's staying for a while." "Cool," Edward says. You see Bella and Edward chat in the windows. You know you're too young to have a boyfriend but you blush at his handsome appearence.
  5. That night you don't sleep well and get up for the first day of school. You walk to find your English class when suddenly three mean boys start to bully you. They call you dirty names and block your way.
  6. They still hassle you until someone tells them to leave you alone. They turn around with scowls then they suddenly run away in fear. It was Edward. "you must be Bella's cousin," he smiles politely.
  7. Edward leave and you walk to English. When schools over you wait near Bella's truck. Bella runs to you. "how was school?" she asks.
  8. Bella smiles and drives you home. That's when you see a boy. He was Bella's age but was cute. "who's that?" you ask. "that's Jacob, my friend since i was little," Bella says. Jacob comes to you. "hello you're Bella's cousin it's so nice to meet you.
  9. Jacob and bella talk while you take a walk in the meadow. Suddenly, you see a deer running through the forest and then Edward suddenly drops from the sky and wrestles it. You're frozen in fear as Edward starts biting it and sucks the blood of the animal.
  10. He hearsyou and stares at you with a shocked expression. Suddenly, he lumbers toward you. You scream and black out.
  11. Cliffhanger if you comment and rate i'll make number two faster ok?

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