Twilight, your romance (part 4)

This is the sequle to Twilight, your romance (part whatever) i hope that you will chose truthfuly and really like the story/quiz. this includes edward, jacob, seth, mike and eric.

it also includes emmet and jasper but you can't vote for them they are only in it once basicly hehehehe, so i hope you will like my quiz/story and i hope you get somebody you like.

Created by: Hinata
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  1. You look around the house, "Oh my gosh!!!" you say stuned, "He has gone to far." edward says softly, your house looks like a huracain has hit it, you walls have claw marks and you couch is tipped and ripped open your tv smashed, you walk into you bedroom, you skream, "What?!" edward is at your side in a instednt, "Look at my room!" you yell, you bed is flipped upside-down and your draws ripped out of the holders, "Jacob did this." edward says.
  2. Edward looks at you, he smiles, "What are you smiling about?" "You can come and stay at mine now."
  3. you blush, "Yea sure. i'd love to." "Cool, ill drive you there now ok?" "Ok." you get into his car, "So what am i going to about my house?" "Can't you ask your parents for money? im sure they'll understand and want to help out." you look at the floor, *edward is driving by now* "Well... my mum died in a boating acsedent when i was 5, and my dad commited cuacide a month after she died, i was alone for three years until Teri and Annabell adopted me, i ran away at twelve because Teri had murded Annabell and told me not to tell when i was seven, then he started to get abousive." "Oh, i-im sorry i didn't know..." you smiled at him, "It's ok, i havn't told anyone till now, it fells nice to get it out now." You rested your head on his shoulders.
  4. Edward puts his arm around you and you smile, you look at his face, the sun is shining on him, you see his skin to dimonds, you gasp, "What?!" edward says alarmed speeding up, "Do you see a wolf? ill kill it if you do and...." he trailed off, "No, your skin, it's like dimonds!" you reach up to his face and feel his skin,
  5. your phone rings at that moment, "one sec." your reach for your phone, you relise it is eric, "Hey eric." 'Hi _______.' he sounded sad, "whats the matter eric?" 'well... im moving away to berthington collage.' "what?! but you have to go through high school yet!" 'I know but they said that my grades are so good they will let me skip some grades. look dont make it harder then it already is.' "....." 'look i got to go ok? my mum is waiting in the car.' "Wait, your leaving now?!" 'yea.' "why did you ring me just now?!" 'well, to tell the truth you are the only one i have told.' "Ummmm, ok, well ok bye i hope i see you someday." 'me to _____.' he then hung up, you hit the 'END' butten and lean back in the seat, you wipe a tear from your eye, edward nows it is better not to talk.
  6. You get his house, or what you think is his house, you see a high proformence car in the garage *im not to good on cars* nad you see a lambergini and a bike, "A bike?" "It runs faster then a car when we ride one." he said smiling.
  7. You walk in and it looks like a mansion, "Wow!" "Well what you expecting?" "Well,i was expecting it to be all gothic like and... vampirish really." he laghed and walked upstairs, you see jasper on the loung, when he saw you he was gone in a instent, he is the new comer, he finds it hard to resist humon sents." "sents?" "Yea, every humon has a sent." you see emmet look at you and was over to edward in a instent, edward nodded, "but her house has been trashed by.... werwolfs." "Fine." "Ok ________, lets go to my room." "Ummmm, ok."
  8. You go to his room and look around and gasp, it is one of the best rooms you have ever seen, it looks like it is bigger then your own house! "Wow!" "What?" "Oh, nothing. by the way, what was with that?" "With what?" "With emmet, you looked like you where having a conversation without talking. "Yea, ummm its really akward you wouldnt understand." "Yes i would, tell me." you moved closer to him.
  9. "I dobt it _______." "Please tell me, i know everthing els." edward lookes at you with a smile and leans in closer...
  10. "No i will, please just tell me." edward sighed, "Fine i will," he hesatated, "ummm... i can read minds." you just sigh and smile, "What? no gasp or anything?" "No. iv delt with werwolfs with healing abilaty and a vampire with the abilty to not die so why should i be shoked now?" "Oh... well while where on the subject, i may as well tell you that alice can see the futer." you smile, edward hugs you, you rest your head on his chest, you cant hear a heatbeat.
  11. you lean in and.....
  12. sorry but im going to have to leave it there.

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