Twilight, your romance (part 3)

This is the third episode of Twilight, your romance (part whatever)I hope you will enjoy it as much as i had making it for you guys. i will keep them coming if i have enough time. (by the way, in the next ep eric will be moving away so i hope you will get to say goodbye then.)

this episode has seth, jacob and edward, it also has mike and eric just in the questions though, so i hope you like it and get somebody you like, i hope that you will make the choices you would have done in real life.

Created by: Hinata

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  1. Ok, so Edwards arm has been ripped off and throw into the bushes, you stand there shoked that he is still alive, "Edward! are you ok?!" you yell, no answer, instead you hear a grusem growl and he throws the wolf into a tree.
  2. The wolf gets up and snarls and bears it's teeth, "Bing it on mut!" edward says, the wolf barks and charges, suddnly the other wolf who has been standing there wimpering the whole time jumps in, the other wolf slams into the other wolf, it gets slamed up against a tree, suddenly, you see it change into seth, "Seth?" you say, he doesn't move, "SETH!" you yell and run over to him, you sit next to him, the other wolf has dissapered into the forest, "We have to help him!" you yell, "why? he is just going to come back and attack us again." edward calmly says.
  3. Eward goes into the bushes to find his arm, you are shaking seeth to try to wake him up, he grouns and he slowly opens his eyes, "________?" he says softly, "is that you?" "Yes, it me are you ok?" you hear edward say 'aha' and you look over to him, you see him pick up his arm and place it were it is ment to be, he lets go and moves his arm, good as new.
  4. suddenly Jacob jumps out of the trees, he runs over to seth, "Seth are you ok, i-i-i didn't mean for that to happen! im so sorry seth!" "It's ok. hey where are the others?" seth got up already feeling better, "Others?" you say nervously, edward turns around, "Others? ok ______ we need to get out of here, NOW!" he starts pulling you to the car, "Hey leach, maybe she want's to stay with us, i mean you having your arm ripped off and all might have been a bit much."
  5. "No, she is coming with me." "look i want answers and i want them now!" you damand, "Fine, what do you want to know?" says edward weraly, "I want to know how seth is standing up after that massive blow." "Oh that's a easy one _____." says seth, "Werwolfs have a speacial healing abilaty, so we recover really fast." seth said walking closer to you smiling.
  6. "Ok, but how does edward not die when his arm got ripped off?" "Yea edword, how?" (edword is not a spelling mastake)"Well..... look _______, can do this later i don't want to be killed by the pack of fido's ok." "Fine, but you ARE going to tell me." Yea yea i wil i will. next question." "Ok, why did you run off into the woods Jacob? you knew that seth was hurt." "Well i didn't want you to see....." he trailed off, edward explained why, "Ohhhhhh..... that must be a pain." jacob nodded. *jacob broute clothes for seth by the way* "Ok i'm done, im tired can we go home....
  7. to make it easyer lets just say you went with edward, "So edward tell me how you didn't die." "Well, when you rip apart of us off it will come crawling back to us."
  8. "Yea, go on." "Well, to stop them from crawling back you have tto burn the peices."
  9. "So to kill you you have to be burned?" "Yea pretty much." "Ummmm... ok." the rest of the way back it was silence, you got to your place, you live alone, "Well thanks for the.... odd night but it was fun." "sorry for what happend." "It's ok, do you want to come in for some coffie?" "Ummmmm.. I'd prefer blood thanks anyway." He smiled, "Oh, ummmm ok. but do you want to come in?" "Yea sure." you both walked up to your door, you unlocked it and walked in, "OMG!!!" you say,
  10. Edward looks around and crinkles his nose, "Werwolfs." he says angrly, you look around.
  11. Im sorry but im going to have to leave it there for now.

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Quiz topic: Twilight, my romance (part 3)