An Adventure part 12.

I am sooooooooooo sorry it took forever. I seriously forgot about this series. I made this one a little longer than usual, to try to make up for it a little. I'll start part 13 tonight, kay?

alright. someone told me that they missed the guys, so I made them come back in, this time. but there isn't any romance (yet), so, sorry about that. please comment and rate.

Created by: Alegna
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  1. The man walks in. He is dressed very dramatically, with a bright yellow cloak, (yes, yellow) Blue boots, Black pants, and a bright red tunic. wow. also, he has a very snub nose, and is very short.
  2. he walks up to you, and looks up at you. (you are about a foot taller. lol.) when he speaks, however, it makes you shiver. "Is this the girl?" his voice is deep, and evil sounding. the girl nods. "it is h-her, sire." he pokes you. you slap his hand away before you think.
  3. he sticks his nose up in the air, and walks out the door again. The girl turns to you. "that's the wizard. we had better get out quick. you agree. you two grab the stuff, and start to go down the passage. but you don't get very far, however, before you bump into someone. you fall, and, involuntarily, let out a little scream. you're falling, faster and faster, down the stairs, when something grabs you.
  4. a light shines in your face, and you see... "Wizlemmm?????" his eyes get wide. (you're still wearing a fancy dress and everything) another boy runs up.... "TILAR!!!!" and then comes Maddox. "but where's Aiden?"
  5. their faces all turn grave, and Maddox says "it's not best to discuss it here. we should get out." just then the girl comes up. she says "hello, my name is Lynda, and we should SERIOUSLY GET OUT OF HERE!" you five listen, and you hear footsteps coming downstairs. Tilar swears under his breath.
  6. you all start running down the stairs as fast as you can go. you end up tripping again, and Tilar catches you. then you are running, for a long time, that's all you can remember. running, and running, and running. it seems as if that's your whole life. then you get to the bottom.
  7. you see a door, and quickly try to open it. it's locked.
  8. Lynda comes up, and sticks her hand on it. it pops open. you look at her. she is smiling to herself. you suddenly get a BAD feeling about her. "stop." you say. everyone stops running out the door, and looks at you.
  9. Lynda looks at you with fear. "Lynda" you say "how did you open that door. how did you get the trap door open. how is it that NO ONE saw you coming up the stairs with this stuff?? and how is it that I didn't see that you are one of HIS people before?" her fearful face turns evil looking, and before your eyes, she transforms into short, stub nosed girl.
  10. she smiles. and as if reading your mind, says "yes. I am his daughter. I was sent to gain your confidence, and then lead you to his castle." the guys all look shocked. Maddox looks miserable. you wonder why.
  11. she laughs. "that plan might not of worked, but I can still get you there, even if you ARE unwilling. and these men" she motions around her "well, my father will take care of them.... MADDOX, is that you???" she runs over to him, and starts kissing him. he shoves her off. "we are done. the ONLY reason I ever put up with you, was because the sorcerer liked me. but he doesn't now, so WHATEVER."
  12. her face contorts into rage. and she shoves him. he falls to the ground, hard. without thinking, you mutter something under your breath, and she is tied up with chains. Wizlem stares at you.
  13. he says "Imma (remember, that's your name), I have never taught you that. have you been taking instructions from someone else...?" you shake your head, feeling confused. "all the magic, at least, all the magic I thought I knew, you taught me. I don't know where that came from."
  14. I'm so terribly sorry for making this late. how did you like it???

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