Twilight Love part 4

Ok here is part 4 I know its been awhile but I have school & homework so its been rough I'll try to make them quicker but no promises Sorry for the cliffhanger where it is I know they suck but I have to end it at some point & I ended this one at a suspenseful part sorry about that

Ok heres what happened you went out with Jasper but this time you go out with the others except for Edward you stay home & I shouldn't say too much you're just gonna have to read it to find out bye

Created by: Tiffany
  1. Last time you got hit with a pan. You wake up 3 days later surround by the guys who surprise you so much that you fall out of your bed
  2. ~~~~~~ helps you back into the bed whats your reply to your guy
  3. whatever you said to him really brighted his whole face up. Then there is a knock on the door
  4. You head downstairs to get the door. When you open it you see a teenage girl with cooper skin long hair. You are just about to ask who she is when Jake yells"Leah what the hell are you doing here"
  5. She answers"Why do you think i'm here dumb---" You growl at her cause she is being rude at which point she turns & advances up to you but ~~~~~~ gets in her way telling her to back off
  6. She backs off but your still pissed off so ~~~~~~ takes you upstairs & you automatically calm down then you rant for 20 mins. then you look at ~~~~~~~~'s face which is filled with humor he looks at you & pulls you down on his lap
  7. ~~~~~~~"Hey babe how are you right now" You"Fine now" Him" We have to go downstairs now for a meeting" You"Damn it" He laughs & You two head downstairs. On your way down you just keep staring at him making him self conscious
  8. you two walk into the living room & sit with each other. Leah looks super mad maing you feel smug. After the meeting all the guys left(Jacob,Emmett,& Edward) ask you out so you all go out Emmett takes you to the movies, Jake takes you bowling, & Edward plays you a song on his piano that he wrote for you. He ask you for your opinion & you say you love it even if you don't. After he plays the song again you head to bed. But all you can think about is......
  9. You fall asleep with ~~~~~~~ on your mind. While you sleep you have a dream of all of the guys fighting other vampires & then someone gets bit but you can't see who cause everything blacked out
  10. You wake up & head downstairs where you run into ~~~~~~~~~~ who gets mad but when he saw it was you he quickly changed his anger to happy & eagerness. Him"I had fun last night but all I could think about was how beautifully sexy you looked last night" You blush & say"Me 2 & thanks alot for it I really needed it" He smilles & says no problem then you two walk to the kitchen so you can get some food. The other guys are down there too. What do you eat
  11. Whatever you choose he just watches you then you start to head upstairswhen you here a masive scream coming from outside CLIFFHANFER

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