Twilight Love part 3

sorry it took so long to get this one up my computer didn't work & I was super busy but here is part 3 hope you enjoy it & I hope you have fun taking it as much fun as I had making it.

We left off with someone grabbing your shoulder. Who is it continue & find out who it is the other part will be out as soon as I can but it might be a while sorry if it does take a while to get it out.

Created by: Tiffany

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  1. You jump up with a start only to turn to see Jasper standinng behind you. He looks sorry for scaring you. It takes you a minute to get out of shock.
  2. You give him a big hug & then notice the other guys but Edward looking super mad.
  3. You then notice the movie has ended. You grab Jasper's hand & lead him outside of the theater. Once outside you drop his hand & glare at him.
  4. You try hard to control your temper but you can't. You yelling" HOW COULD YOU LEAVE LIKE THAT DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED I WAS OR SCARED?" The other guys just came out when Jasper starts to explain everything.
  5. Jasper" ____ I'm sorry butI couldn't risk being around you with me out of control like I was" You" ok fine but don't do it again" You to hug & he kisses you in front of the other guys.
  6. After you finish your little make out session you all head home you being next to Jasper all the way back. Once you get there you grab Jasper's hand again & take him up to his room(which you found yesterday before the movie) What do you want to do
  7. You to make out til you fall asleep.ou wake up to him playing with your hair.You look at him & run your hand down his chest(yes he is shirtless & no you to did not do anything) Suddnely you & him are makeing out again til your stomach growls. He laughs & takes you downstairs wher he makes you what ....
  8. Whatever you eat it fells good in your empty stomach.After you eat you ask him to take you shopping to get new clothes which he agrees to. You guys leave after you get dressed & notice the others staring at you while you leave you fell bad so you run back & give each of them a kiss then leave.
  9. After you pick the clothes you want you try them on for him.He loves them all so you go shopping for pajamas. You pick a couple of different things. You try on a short black nightgown with red lace which makes his eyes pop out
  10. After you buy your clothes you guys head home. you then head to the kitchin where you grab a piece a pizza. Then you hear foot steps.
  11. Its Emmetthe looks at you but ignores you. You feel hurt so you ask him whats up & he tells you he is a litte hurt about you spending all your time with Jasper & so ae ther other guys.
  12. Then jasper comes in & then emmet sat-rts yelling at each other. Then they start to fight but you are to shocked to move. Then you feel a pan hit you in the head & then you fall over. CLIFFHANGER

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