Twilight Love part 2

Ok this is part 2 of my first quiz. If you didn't take the first it might be confusing unless you catch up fast which i doubt. But here is part 2 hope ypu enjoy.

Ok you know the guys but Jasper ain't in this one sorry if you like Jasper. He will come back though so don't worry. Ok when we left you got knocked out cause a door fell on you.

Created by: Tiffany

  1. When you wake up the 1st person you see is Edward. He is so happy you're awake. You" How long was I out?" Before he can answer Jacob & Emmett walk in. Emmett answers you " 4 days" he says. Jacob " Sorry about kicking your door down. What are your thoughts?
  2. You look around & notice something different. Your not in your house. Slowly you sit up & ask" Where am i ?" No one is answering you
  3. Then you start getting really mad. You yelling" TELL ME WHERE I AM" They all look shocked. Suddenly Emmett starts to laugh. Edward takes him out of the room so Jacob Can talk to you.
  4. Jacob looks at you then the floor. You wait but start getting annoyed again but before you can say anything Jacob is apologizing again. You tell him your ok & ask him where Jasper is. He tells you that when the door fell on you you hit your head & it started to bleed & Jasper left at that point. Confused you ask" Why does blood freak him out or someting ?" Jacob mutters" Yea or something" You are just staring at him. So he tells you" Well ___ we are not normal"
  5. You" What do you mean ?" Jacob" Well I'm a werewolf & the others are vampires & your at the vamps house." You past out from shock. You wake up 10 min. later. No one is in the room with you. You go down stairs & walk around. You see a door & hear the guys voices. What words stand out to you?
  6. You open the door & pretend you heard nothing. They all look at you with big smiles on their faces. You ask if there is any thing to eat. Emmett quickly grabs you & runs you to the dining room. What do you want to eat?
  7. Whatever you pick it taste real good in your empty stomach. When you finish you notice the boys are looking at you. Edward" So I guess you know about us" You" yea its no big deal" Emmett" yea it is you won't tell will you ?" You" Of course not" Emmett looks relievd as do the others.
  8. Edward cooks you some more food cause you are still hungary. It taste so good. You" WOW this taste so good" Edward" Thanks". Emmett & Jacob look upset at you complimenting Edward.
  9. After some akwardness Jacob asks if you want to go to the movies with all of them. You say yes & go get dress. What do you wear?
  10. You guys go to the movies & watch a scary movie. All though the movie you are scared. All of a sudden a hand grabs your shoulder.
  11. Sorry about the cliff hanger I know they suck sorry comment & rate

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