Confused? Part 3

Hiiiiiiiiiiii guys so part 3 is out im putting them out pretty fast because i have all these awsome ideas in my head. Okayso thanks guys love you so much bye.

Okay so um enjoy part 4 will be out pretty soon comment and rate guys and thanks so much for supporting me. Okay love you guyssssss byeeeee mia so adorable out.

Created by: Mia so adorable
  1. You know that guy named daniel i met eariler? Well get this he was making out full on with a girl...that was NOT sabrina. He noticed me staring so he pushed the girl away.
  2. He looked really embarrassed so i quivered my lip and walked away. I decided to get on the lunch line and look for my seat later because it was getting pretty long.
  3. ''hey rookie.'' i almost had a heart attack i turned around to she cindy with a huge smile on her face. ''hi cindy.'' i shouted back. It was pretty loud in this lunch room. . ....... Finally we were next in line to get our food.
  4. We got our food and spoted a seat in the middle of the lunch room. ''so how was your first few hours of school.''cindy grined. ''it was um pretty um.... Lousy'' i blurted out. We laughed. ''meet any cute boys yet?'' ''
  5. ''cindy school isnt all about meeting cute boys its about getting an education'' wow i really sounded like a nerd right now. ''your right. But since when did you become my mother?'' i slapped her on the hand. '' let me see your schduale rookie.''
  6. I went in my book bag and dugged my schduele out. ''here you go.'' she looked over it. ''omg you have the last two classes with me and my brother. ''give me that.'' i snached the schuduele away from her. ''which class do i have with your brother?''
  7. ''thats for me to know and you to find out.'' i put my schduele down and rolled my eyes at her. We ate and talked alittle more she promised to take me to my next class so that was nice. Befour i knew it lunch was over.
  8. We packed our stuff and she walked me to my next class. Ive noticed as we were walking down the hall way alot of guys where starting at cindy some even offered to carry her books but she just ignored them.Whats up with that if i was her id take the offers
  9. We finally made it to 109 which was my health class. She hugged me good bye. ''good luck rookie she snickered your going to need it.'' i pondered why she said that and as soon as i stepes into the class room i knew exactly why.
  10. It was a noisey mess in here i looked around the class room and my eyes landed on someone that i was dreading to see. Well actually two people. Daniel and his girlfried sabrina.
  11. The room was divided into two sections the populars and the nerds. Populars in the back nerds up front and average in the middle. Basic high school stuff. I walked up to the teachers desk and introduced my self to her. Her name is mrs conwell.
  12. She told me to take a seat where ever i liked. All the jocks where in the back. The schools basketball stars? I believe. Anyways the teacher began her lesson. ''class welcome to health to start off this wonderful year lets start with a project.'' Really?
  13. ''but theres a twist you guys are going to pick the project. You have a week to decide and then on friday you will tell me what youve decided. Good? Good your time starts now.''
  14. Everybody looked around the room in awe knowing that we where going to have to work together. I glanced around the room until a unique set of eyes caught my sight. He had brown justin bieber hair (the kind he hand when he was 15)
  15. He was wearing dark blue jeans with a blue flanno and pair of vans and his varsity basketball jacket on The thing that hooked me the most was his gray eyes. It was like da javu. Why did he look so familar? Like ive seen him befour but in a different form?

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