Meet Me Halfway Part 4

This is Part 4 of the quiz series "Meet Me Halfway" I really hope you guys like it. I didn't want it to be like the other quizzes so I thought quite hard on how to do it & I finally got it. Again, I hope you guys like it!

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown eyes, & dark brown hair. He's the intelligent and sensitive one. :) Rave on the other hand is the more mysterious, romantic one with black hair and emerald, greem eyes :D & Shayne is the more athletic, funny, outgoing one with dirty blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I picture these boys with the hot "emo" cut, but feel free to picture them anyway you'd like (:

Created by: ^^Dannica^^
  1. "We need to tell her!" You heard Shayne say as you slowly awakened. "No, she shouldn't be involved!" You recognized another voice as Dawson say back to him. You stirred in the couch you were layed in and Shayne whispered loud enough so you could hear, "she's the only one who can open it, she has to!"
  2. "Well hey there sleepy head" said Dawson as he noticed you were awake. "Shayne what the heck was in that gum?! Because that was definately not bubblegum or juicy fruit!" You exclaimed. Before you could let him answer you looked around and asked, "now where am I?!" "Relax" you're at my house." Shayne said. "Why?!" You questioned. You looked out the window and saw mountains and land. "You live in the mountains?" You interrogated. "Yes he lives in the mountains, now can you please sit down cuzzo?" Dawson said.
  3. "No, I'm not going to sit down Dawson." You said fiercly. "Why not?" He wondered. "Because I was just drugged and shouldn't need to listen to what any of you say or tell me to do." Dawson stared at while Shayne was sort of laughing in the background. "Oh my gosh ______ do you want me to drug you again?" He asked. "Don't threaten me! You could go to jail for drugging me & your own cousin? Hmph. You wouldn't" you defended yourself. "Seriously dawson, don't." Shayne said with a worried tone. Dawson started rummaging through a bag and got out a piece of gum. "F------ DAWSON THAT BETTER BE SOME ORBIT FOR YOUR DIRTY MOUTH!" You shouted.
  4. Sooner or later you were knocked out again. You awkoke in your own house, in your bed with breakfast on a tray on the table next to the window on the far left. You got up, yawned and ran out your room to try and find Dawson."Sweety what are you looking for?" Asked your aunt. "Uh dawson." You responded. "Oh he didn't tell you?" She pondered. "Didn't tell me what?" You questioned."He's going to band camp" she answered. "How long?" "About 2 months, long right? That's what he said."
  5. Bewildered you walked away then stopped, realizing that you had school today. "Freakin-A. " You said under your breathe. You stomped to your room, took a shower, and got into your clothes. You walked outside, skipping breakfast, and told Edward you were going to walk to school.
  6. You started walking to school looking at your feet the whole way. "Hey there" said someone behind you. "Oh, hey Jerimiah." You replied with not emotion. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing," you hesitated. "You can tell mee" he said with a reassuring smile. You paused, took a deep breathe and explained everything that happened. Shayne drugging you, you and dawson, the whole 9 yards. When you were finished Jerimiah just stared at you then with a small smile, he said,"Shayne and Dawson?"
  7. "Uh yup O_o" you answered. "Listen _____ I'll explain to you everything that happened just meet me at the lunch table nearest the exit. You two were right at the front of the school and went your seperate ways. The bell rang and you went into 1st period. Jerimiah was there acting like nothing even happened and his so called "girlfriend" was being a little b---- towards you and all.
  8. 2nd period & 3rd passed and it was soon lunch. You looked through the tables and finally saw Jerimiah; but he was sitting with Rave and Shayne. You awkwardly walked over and sat down. All three of them were smiling, Shayne's smile a little smaller than the rest. You stared at him and he mouthed the words 'I'm sorry'. Ignoring his apology, you looked over at Jerimiah and Rave and asked,"Ok so what's been going on lately?" "Well..." Rave explained, "Me, Jerimiah, Shayne, and your cousin, Dawson have err..powers..." "Powers? Really? -_- " you said. "Yea. I have telekenisis, Rave is a fire starter, Shayne is a shape-shifter, & Dawson...well he's a pyschic." Said Jerimiah.
  9. "Um. Ok?" You said confused, "Why are you telling me? Do you do this with all the new kids? Is this a joke?! This better not be a joke. ._." you warned. "I assure you it's definately not a joke. This is real and you're...special." Shayne said. "Ok. I believe you guys; so what? Do I have powers to?" You asked. "Uh, no. But you do have something. You see, your dad isn't your real dad. Your real dad died in a burning fire at your old house when you were a baby and he left you something we believe is very important to every single one of us, since he was good friends with all of our parents. But someone hid the will. Apparently, there was a huge secret in that will and the person involving it didn't want it to be known. We need to find that will." Rave said.
  10. "Ok, well...where is it? Around the city?" You asked. "Er, no we looked pretty much everywhere there already. But what we did find was an envelope and a key. A key in which only you can open." Shayne said, he then zipped open his backpack and pulled out an old looking envelope and gave it to you. You put it in your pocket, deciding to read it later. Jerimiah also gave you a piece of paper labeled "FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIP" "Field trip?" You asked. "We're going to need to go on a little scavenger hunt around the world it'll take about 2 months." Rave said smiling showing off his gorgeous dimples. "2months? Dawson went to bandcamp for 2 months?" You said. "Dawson...he wants the will to himself. He has this crazy idea if he finds it he'll get all the money your dad left for you and your mom. As you can see, he's not the brightest one in the crayon box." Shayne said. "Oh, so where do we start then?" You asked. "Info is all in the envelope,you just need to show us because we haven't seen it. But fair warning, some people may be after you." Rave said mysteriously. "No problem ._." You said sarcastically. The bell rang & you walked to your class.
  11. You arrived home and right away gave the permission slip to your mom. "" She asked. "Yup" you said back excitedly. "Ok you can go but I'll miss you so much sweety." She said as she started hugging you. She signed it and you put it right by your dresser.You immediately started packing tons and tons of clothes and all the things you need into 3 bags and opened the envelope. You skimmed through it and smiled when you saw the words "New York" "Looks like we're going to new york (:" you texted Jerimiah, Rave, and Shayne.

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