Just another love story part 2

OK, i got some comments to make part 2, so here it is!!!!! i hope you like it! And i made it longer well the paragraphs, i hope you like it and now your gonna meet Diane!

This is part 2!!!!! wow, i made this up in my own imagination without anyones help!! i didnt know i would be good with writing!! well agian i hope you enjoys this bye!!

Created by: iluvdolphins

  1. "Hey Emily how are you feeling?" John asked. "Fine" you mummored `who are they?` you thought."I`m Dustin thats matt, taylor and adam" blondie said pointing to the brown hair brown eyes, Black hair gray eyes. Red hair gray eyes. "I can read minds" Dustin said. "Cool but one question." you say sweetly "What is it" Matt asked. "WHAT THE SNICKERDOODLES AM I DOING HERE?!?!?!" you yell."Ill tell you more later at lunch." Adam replied. "fine" you said angerily.
  2. All of the guys leave exept dustin. "You know this will be different from now but you can hold on to me if your going through any trouble" Dustin said Leaning in to kiss you. you two kiss like there isnt any tomorrow then he pulls away and smiles.Dustin leaves. After he left you explored the house. You look around and find a dining room. "Hey em your just in time for lunch, come and sit down" Matt said. You realized that John made your favorite food. You smile and say thanks then ate silently
  3. In the middle of eating you heard a crash. "$hit" All of the guys said. " wh-" you tryed asking but before you finished you saw a woman coming out of no where grabbing you in one arm with a knife in the other hand. she said "Use any of your powers and girlie gets it" the voice reminded you of your aunt. "Diane??? is that you" "Yes it me You know your mom, She`s Dead, i killed her" You could hear pride in her voise "What why" you said with tears running
  4. You passed out after that. When you got conscious back you found yourself in a cell. You saw your `aunt` agian and started to think of questions when you heard a CRASH you saw who it was that caused the cras--- was the boys! Your aunt gasped and grabbed your hair which made your pain worse, you yelped in pain. "Let her go!" Matt yelled. "why should i? i killed her mom now im going to kill her" Diane chuckled
  5. "why do you want to kill me?" you asked "Oh they havent told you, you have powers and i want them, just like i have your mom's"she smiled. "what.. p-?" you got interupted by her falling which made you go down with her on the floor.You passed out after that.When you woke up and found yourself in Matts arms "hi" you say weakly. he smiles like if he`s tired. "ive been here for 1 day healing you" "oh im sorry get some sleep ok?" you reply feeling sorry that hes tired. After that matt went to take a long nap.
  6. You decided to explore the house and you found a room, you went in and found john listening to music "John?" you said. sitting next to him on his bed. "yeah em?" "what happened" you ask. "well let me show you" "how" you ask "just watch" he said holding your hand. in a second you saw what happened. After all of that you and john were in his room agian "i have the power to go back into time" he said "Thanks for saving me" he leaned and next thing you know you two were kissing. You leaned away smiling.
  7. "Hey later lets start training" john said "training?" you asked "yeah remember when diane said you have powers?" you think for a moment then nod "well later lets start training with your powers once we find out what it is" john smiled You walk down the halls and decide to go in a room. you soon realize its the lab, and find taylor. "just in time" taylor said which made you jump. soon you both laughed "can you sit down a moment" taylor asked "sure" you replied he took a needle and took a drop of blood fron you."there" he smiled the machine beeped and it said the results "emily your powers are....
  8. who do you love????
  9. Can you comment and rate? So i can give u part 3? (no effect)
  10. k bye!!!

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