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  • Anyone want advise?
    "oh.. thanks :)"
  • Anyone want advise?
    "I kinda need help on this. So, I like this guy on my bus, we're like best friends and he likes me too. The bad part is that h"
  • "Just listening to music, singing along :) what's your favorite band?"
  • Does he like me? :/
    "Ohhhh! and Yeah"
  • Does he like me? :/
    "D: how can you tell I'm in middle school?"
  • Does he like me? :/
    "Well yeah. But I'll feel bad if I bring hopes up, and just crush it for him :( I had that happen to me many times before"
  • Does he like me? :/
    "a little"
  • Does he like me? :/
    ":/ but if I ask him, and if he says yes. Wont he wanna go out with me? I have a boyfriend >."
  • Does he like me? :/
    "But I'm scared D:"
  • Does he like me? :/
    "Oh. I kinda do think he likes me. I just don't wanna ask because if he doesn't, I don't want things to be weird"
  • Does he like me? :/
    "All of my friends says it's obvious. But I can't see it"
  • Does he like me? :/
    "All my friends say he does. He always tickles me, bully's me (but nicely), and whenever I say "please" he just says yes. One time, I had a b..."
  • "I keep trying but Its not working D:"
  • omg omg omg
    "thx :)"
  • omg omg omg
    "not really"

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