Just another love story part 1

Hi, there are many stories now with well romance comedy and fantasy well i've been reading some stories and it inspired me to make this!!! i hope you like it!

Who do u luv? Taylor, John, Dustin, Matt, Or Adam choose wisely Now random queston time!!! Do you like apples? i luv them How about watermelon? luv it too!

Created by: iluvdolphins

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  1. Your name is emily and 17 yrs old you mom doesn`t live with you because she lives in England. It`s your very 1st day at a new school.
  2. You got up from the sound of your alarm clock you got up took a shower etc. After you got ready you jump in your red Lamborghini and drove to your school.
  3. After you arrive, you get your schedule. You walk out reading "great i have bioligy class 1st..room-" You fall and look up. You see a very cute boy that you just bumped into!! You feel your face turn light red because your slightly embarresed.
  4. You see that he has dark brown hair and dreamy deep green forest eyes. You cant help but but too stare at his green eyes."Im sorry i bumped into you..." you say quietly. He chuckles softly "Its ok. Im John." he reaches his hand to help you up...
  5. Thankfully you arrive early and school goes by quickly and while your walking to your car you fall and black out.
  6. You wake up and see your in a very big room your head is throbbing you see your on a king sized bed and the room has a big dresser next to a door. You hear voices comming so you quickly close your eyes. You hear Johns voice " i think shes still out"
  7. You sure john??" another voice came in you slowly open you eyes and see 4 new boys along with john. They're all really cute
  8. thanks for taking mi quiz!!! if u liked it pleaase rate and comment! thanks and tell me if you want part 2
  9. bye, adios amigos, arrevedechi!
  10. sorry it nedded 12 questions

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