I think I love a JoBro (a love story) Part 1

This quiz is the first part of a series. If you realy really want to see what happens go ahead and take them all( they won't make good sense if you don't take them all)

This quiz is amazing! I made it myself... I really don't like having a set number of characters. Does even matter if i only have 30 characters instead of 150?

Created by: aloverofallthingsJonas
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  1. Beep!BEEP!!BBBBEEEEPPPP!!!!!You wake up to the sound of your dreadful alarm clock. Ugh!!!! It's time for school. What do you wear (copy and paste answer in web browser of another tab for best results)
  2. You quickly do your hair, makeup, etc. and put on your outfit of choice and go down stairs."___, will you help me with breakfast?" asks your mom.
  3. After everyone has had breakfast you go get in your vehicle and drive to school (ur 17 so u can drive:P) Quick which car is yours?
  4. You get to school and head to your Biology class. You totally luv this class b/c your best friend sits beside you. "OMG,___ guess what?" your best friend asks you. "A giant turtle fell out the sky and squashed your brother?" "No silly. You remember that trip they take to L.A. every year, and they stay for like a week and a half?" "Yeah." "Well, they've got the info packets ready, and they're leavin in two weeks!"
  5. "That's great and all but aren't Mrs. Dofinhaimer and that lame Gym teacher always the chaperones?" you ask. "Not this year. Mrs. Dofinhaimer is retiring and refuses to help with field trips, and Coach got fired for giving the lacrosse team steriods."she replies "Well who's chaperoning?" "They siad it's all the teachers in the Lit wing. So that's 5 teachers instead of 2, but they're all a lot more mellow than Mrs. D. I think it's gonna be the most awesome trip yet!"
  6. F.F. to that afternoon- "Richard, I really think this trip will be good for ___. You know how much she wants to go." says your Mom "Plz daddy? It'll be awsome and there's going to be 5 chaperones instead of 2 this time. Plz plz plz" you say
  7. "Alright but you have to promise to call twice a day." says your dad
  8. You give your 'rents a big hug then go back to your room what do you do?
  9. There's only one last question to go
  10. plz be sure to take part 2 to see what happens next....

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