Just Another Love Story... Part 4

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Hi there, everyone. I am SO SORRY that Part 4 took so long. I tried to make it quicker but I have so many projects and stuff and i'm going to go somewhere for a few weeks so i've been packing so I couldn't really get to this.

So... i've made this part a bit longer than usual and i'm sorry it hasn't gotten to any lovey-dovey stuff yet... but i'm working on that. The next part probably wont be out until.. either Dec. 3 or something like Jan. 10.

Created by: Dark_Vampire101
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  1. The others are gathered around the window and you are sitting on the floor, gripping onto Caldre's hand, sobbing. "_____!" Felix says, coming to your side. "Come with me. They're here."
  2. Felix picks you up and runs upstairs to your room. "What about Caldre!" You yell. "Forget him for now!" Felix says, setting you on the bed. "If anything were to happen to you.. I... we would all die." He gets onto his knees and holds your hand. "We just want you to be safe."
  3. "Omigod, safe from what!!!" You ask. "I'll tell you some other time!" He says, and runs down the stairs, locking the door behind him.
  4. You hear barking and hissing coming from downstairs. 'They're probably in animal form at this point,' You think. After a while, (which seems to be hours)the door opens, and Caldre limps in. His right leg seems to be broken, and his head is bleeding.
  5. "Caldre!" You exclaim, running to help him. He raises his arm up as a signal to stop. "I'm... alright.." He moans. "No your not!" You pout. "What made you think that you could leave like that and let yourself get so hurt you scared me I thought something happened to you I was so freaked out and I thought you were going to be gone forever where were you exactly you are not okay Caldre don't try to tell me you are you better promise me that you don't try and do that again or else-" Caldre laughs. "One question at a time!" You sigh. "I'm just glad that your okay." "Yes, well, thank you for caring."
  6. "What exactly is going on downstairs?" You ask. "I.. I cannot tell you." Caldre whispers. "WHY?" You yell. "WHY CAN'T YOU! WE WERE BEST FRIENDS ONCE! WE TOLD EACHOTHER ALMOST EVERYTHING! I THOUGHT-" "Shh!" Caldre warns.
  7. "We will all tell you toghether." Caldre says. All of a sudden you hear an incredibly loud roar. You cluch onto Caldre's shirt, terrified. You stand there for a while, and then the door opens. "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" You scream.
  8. Dane, Varik, and Felix walk in, grumbling to themselves. Your so happy to see them, that you run and hug them. They all blush. "I'm so glad you guys are okay!!" You shriek. "What was going on down there?" Dane, Varik, Felix, and Caldre look at eachother. "Do you think we should let her know?" Felix asks. "I think so." Caldre replies. "We should. It's for her own good." Dane says. "She already knows half of it." Varik adds.
  9. "WHAT IS IT!!!" You yell. "____," Varik asks. "You remember the time I told you that you were a bird?" "Um, I guess." You reply. "Yes, well," Caldre says. "You are a bird because, once, long ago, we did something ghastly . We stole something." "You stole something?" You ask. "All of you, toghether?" They nod. "But, when, exactly? I've known Caldre since the start of the school year."
  10. "Yes, well, we stole that thing around.. what, a few years ago?" Caldre continues to explain. "Ah, yes, a few years ago. Well, some other friends of ours, human friends, may I add, they dared us to go take.. it. When we took it, we got cursed to be like this. One more person, we were told, had been cursed too. And it was you."
  11. "Why me?" You ask. "We don't know why exactly." Dane replies. "We just know that we were told that if we stole it, we would be cursed, some other person would be too, and we would have to find her, and make her fall in love with one of us. Then, we would all be freed." You are kind of shocked of how he said 'make her fall in love with one of us'. "You keep saying 'it'. What is 'it' that you stole?"
  12. This time Felix answers. "A rare gem. On a stone beside it, it told us to not take it. Uh... the reason Dane and I hate eachother is because.. well.." "Because I said to not take it and Felix here said to never back out of a dare!" Dane chides. "Oh." You say.
  13. "_____." Varik says. "We want to show you our powers." "YOU HAVE POWERS!? AWSOME!!" You exclaim. Dane stands up. He throws back his head and howls like a wolf. Suddenly, the door of your room bursts open and there are, like, 40 dogs in your room, including dalmations, greyhounds, beagles, huskies, poodles, and many others. "I can command dogs," Dane smirks, and he looks at a poodle. It stands on its two hind legs and does a few pirouettes, ending with a flip. Then all of them leave. "And I can do this." He looks at you. "You are thinking that... you wanted to see a few more tricks?" "Mind reading.." You guess. "Just don't read my mind too much. My thoughts are mine and I want it to stay that way." Dane nods.
  14. He sits down. Then, Felix stands up. "My powers aren't really all that awsome.." He whispers. "I can control piranhas and sharks, though I can't really show you that right know. And I can also control water, but i'll show you that later."
  15. Then Varik stands up. "I'll show you my powers a little later... they're kinda creepy. But, I can show you this." You feel yourself float up. "Woah! Put me down!" You say. You fall back down. Varik's forhead is beaded with sweat and he sits down. "It's a little exhausting." He explains.
  16. "My powers are healing, freezing, and I have a very good memory." Caldre says, as he waves his hand over his head and the cut immediately dissapears. "I can only do negligible or slight cuts, though." Then he looks like he has an idea. "Oh, hey, Felix. Attack me." "What?" Asks Felix. "Just do it." Caldre retorts. Felix gets something tiny out of his pocket and aims it at Caldre.
  17. Just before the object leaves Felix's hand, you see it turn into a tiny droplet of water. As soon as he throws it, it turns into around a cupfull of water, aimed at Caldre. He raises up his hand and it turns into ice and falls to the ground. "Thats a little something I could do." Caldre says.
  18. "But, if your cursed, its supposed to be a bad thing, right?" You ask. "From what I see, you guys have no problems in life." "No, _____, we do." Dane says. "We turn into animals at 12:00 midnight. When we were cursed, we were also cursed to be.. literally immortal." "And that's a bad thing becuse..?" You ask. "_____," Varik sighs. "Have you ever watched or read Twilight?" You answer: (No effect.)
  19. Whatever you reply, Caldre says "Well, we are immortal just like Edward in Twilight. We are going to look like this eternally. We will never age, we will never grow. But you, _____, are going to age. And when you... pass away... we will as well. So, if we want to live and be normal, you will have to help us. Thats why we need you." You stare at them with your eyes wide open.
  20. "Oh." You breathe. "Sorry, ____." Felix says. "We'll tell you more later. This must be alot for you to take in." Then they all leave the room, locking you in again.

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