Just Another Love Story... Part 2

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Hey, hi, yo, and all that. So yeah, this is the second part of my quiz, Just Another Love Story. Yah, so I don't really have anything to say except READ PERY JACKSON AND LISTEN TO THE DUCK SONG!!! Not at the same time. (Yah, I know I sound like a little kid but the duck song is catchy. And Percy rocks and I am a total fangirl or whatever of Nico di Angelo!!)

So yah, there are four boys named Caldre, Varik, Felix, and Dane and if you haven't taken the first part of my quiz yet please go take it. All the boys' appearances have changed because I couldn't find any good pictures for them. But they still look kind of the same and I hope you enjoy this and TWILIGHT ROCKS!!!

Created by: Bella.. not from Twilight
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  1. So, where was I? Oh yeah. So the boys left you thinking. You sat there and thought about what the boys said. "Oh, i'll make a choice." You say to yourself. "I'm getting out of here!"
  2. You walk over to the window. Bolted shut. "Figures." You say. "They knew I wanted to get out." You look around. You walk over to the closet and look for something you could use. A screw driver, a hammer, anything! You couldn't find anything.
  3. Finally, you walk over to the window, irritated that you couldn't find anything. You flick at the bolts, and to your surprise, they weren't even tightened! You quickly take them off and open the window. Then you carefully climb out, relieved that you fit. Then you realize that there's nothing else to hold onto, and that the house was two stories high.
  4. You decide to jump. You fall down hard, on your elbows and knees. You get up, grumbling. Then, you run, ignoring the pain. All of a sudden, you realize that you are being followed. You whirl around, and realize that its a giant tiger. "Let me go Caldre!" You yell. It makes some strange noise, which you somehow realize means 'We need your help so you can't go!' Then, Caldre leaps at you and you get knocked out.
  5. When you finally drift back to consciousness, you hear arguing. (Plus you realize your back in your room.) "Why didn't you tighten the bolts Caldre?!" You hear Dane yell. You hear no answer. "Caldre! Hello! Hey! Listen to me Caldre or I am going to pull out the plug of that computer and.." You feel a punch on your leg and then you jump up. "OW!" You yell. "Sorry," Dane says, trying not to laugh. "I was actually trying to slam my fist down near Caldre's laptop, but near his laptop was your foot."
  6. You rub your foot while Caldre closes his laptop. "I am very apologetic, _____. I did not fancy to hurt you, but I had to. You were trying to flee." Dane rolled his eyes. "Talk normally, Caldre. And, whose fault is it that she almost got away, exactly? You were the one who didn't tighten the bolts, right?" Caldre opened his laptop and started to type away again. Just then, Felix and Varik walked into the room.
  7. "_____! You're awake!!!" Felix says as he rushes in to give you a giant bear hug. The others shoot dirty looks at him. "Um,_____. We brought lunch." Varik says quietly. "We all don't really cook that well so we bought some pizza. I hope you like cheese... I'm just going to go set the table." Then all of the boys leave, except for Caldre. And Dane takes his laptop, which he doesn't really look too happy about.
  8. "I have to make sure you don't try to run away yet again." He says. "Get changed." You stare at him in horror. "Not while your here!" He mumbles something and walks over to a far corner of the room. "Go ahead." You change carefully, making sure he doesn't turn around. He doesn't. (You wear whatever you want) Then you follow him downstairs.
  9. You eat your dinner, and then go upstairs. When you get inside, you close the door and get changed. Just as your about to get into bed, you hear a knock on the door. "Come in." You call. Its Varik. "Hi, _____." He says softly. "Ummm... so, how are you?" You stare at him. "You really don't know how to start a proper conversation, do you?" Varik blushes and skakes his head. "Well, alright." You sigh. "I'm fine thank you, I guess." "Who do you like so far?" You weren't ready for that. In your head you are thinking to answer...
  10. "Well, actually, I like all of you." You say, deciding to go with the truth that won't hurt anyone's feelings. "Except for the fact that you're all keeping me here. I wanted to live my live as a normal person." Varik puts his hand on your cheek. "You might not be normal, but you aren't different in a bad way. You're unique... and beautiful." You blush and look down. Then, he leans forward to kiss you. Then, all of a sudden, the door bursts open.
  11. It's Caldre, Felix, and Dane. "Varik!" Felix yells. "Get away from _____!" Dane punches Felix in the arm. "Shut up!!!" He shouts angrily. "Come on Varik!!! No time to be all lovey-dovey with _____." Varik stands up and nods. Then they all leave the room.

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