The love story of lunites...part 1

This is one of those love story quizzes that everyone makes and i discovered them recently and actually really like them so i started making some. This first one may bore or interest you but i assure you it gets better and better!

So are you up for this story? There's gonna be lot of twists and turns in it..I hope. This is my first SERIOUS quiz. I mean i have other ones that i never finish but i plan on continuing this one because I think It's gonna be really good!

Created by: muzix4evr123
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  1. You're name is Ali Mills.You have dark,wavy hair that falls right to you're waist.You have a blue and a pink streak.You have blue-gray eyes that sparkle and change color when you move.You're 15 turning 16 soon.You're at a new school. There's this huge thing about someone breaking into some classes and destroyed them.A girl followed by a bunch of others comes up to you."I'm Kira!You're the new girl right?"she says.You nod.
  2. She has long,straight blond hair and bright blue eyes.She's obviously popular since adoring teens are surrounding her.6 guys walk down to meet her.4 greet her and one who looks like her nudges her.She nudges him back and smiles.You realize they're brother and sister.You blush as they greet you.The last one just stares.You look into his red eyes trying to read him but he just looks away making his black hair fall over his eyes."Seth."Kira whispers.
  3. "My bro's friend.Way silent and a little mysterious."she breathes then whispers," He's different.This school, is different.Be careful."She waves good bye as she is pulled away by the crowd of people who are calling out to her.You sigh and get to your first class. You plop your stuff on a desk.A guy to your left stares at you.He has brown hair and misty gray eyes.
  4. "How did you get here?"he asks suddenly. "I walked?I'm Ali.Ali Starbright." you introduce yourself. "Justin Sparks."he says."Where did you get that amulet?" he asks noticing your moon amulet that you've had forever." I got it when i was little.I don't really remember where from...I just had it i guess."you say.He nods." I think someone named Amelia gave it to me. Because every time I look at it that name comes to mind." you continue. " Amelia...okay." He mutters.
  5. During class, you could of sworn you saw a guy's face staring at you in the door.You turn away and see that Justin has seen it too.His eyes widen and he quickly looks away.You ask to go to the bathroom.You go outside but there's no one there. you hear voices in the principle's office.
  6. " I know you did it Seth!Admit it!" The principal yells. " I didn't! Why would I do that!" Seth yells back." Several students admit they saw you sneak in and out of those classrooms yesterday." the principal says. "Those kids are idiots! I didn't!" Seth continues to protest." Isn't that what you kind of kids do?That goth group or e-emo is it?"the principal says trying to remember. Then her attitude softens."Listen Seth, if you don't have proof to clear your name..I'm going to have to punish you."she says.Seth huffs, walks outside and slams the door shut.
  7. He doesn't see you.He storms down the hall angrily." I know you did it." you say following him.He turns around sharply." Look you don't know anything. Just go." he says turning back around with a pained expression.He starts walking again but you grab his hand and turn him around abruptly. His hand is freezing." Your's really cold" you say softly.
  8. He quickly pulls away suddenly aware of something.Then he regains himself and is angry again." Yeah it is, got that covered.Thanks for the heads up. Anything else?" he says walking. You stop offended. "N-No." you say quietly. He stops. "Look I'm sorry, I just..never mind. Get to class."he says. "What were you doing in those classes? Did you really trash them?" you ask." No I was protecting yo..the place."he says hesitantly.
  9. " Protecting the..whoa." you start to daze and collapse on the floor. Seth stares at you then kneels down beside you. You're breathing heavily. You feel like someone just knocked you out. There's a voice behind you but you're too weak to turn around. " Jesse.." Seth mutters and you pass out.
  11. Come back for part 2!!Please?It gets a lot better in parts 8,9 and.. well let's not blow everything right?

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