Blood Night-Part 4

Ahhhh to all my fans (if I even have any) Im so sorry I havent been doing any work on my story! I promise im gonna pick it up and give you plenty more to read! Starting with this! I love you all so much keep reading!!!!

This one, like three, is a hardcore cliffhanger! Some insane stuff is going on!! You have to read it so you can get caught up and be ready for part 5!!!!

Created by: Crazegirl23
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  1. Several things suddenly happened. Jane, still young and not in control, instantly transformed and charged towards Sara at the door. Expecting Jane to do this, I turned around to face her and transformed. I heard Sara scream twice - I figured once for each transformation - and then Jane litarally screeched to a startled halt as I turned on her.
  2. Our noses nearly touching, Jane and I had a face-off as she began to regain control of her mind. Then I thought-spoke so only she could hear. >Jane, get control. I'm not quite ready to lengthen the pack if you get my meaning.< Jane, eyes wide, began to calm. Her breathing returned to normal. >Ah god I'm so sorry Sarine. I don't know what happened! One moment I'm standing there looking at Jane and the next I have fur and I'm staring up your nose and-< I quickly cut her off. >It's okay. Right now we have another problem to attend to.<
  3. I turned, transforming as I did, and straightened up to stare at Sara. She had backed up several feet and had now turned and was running down the street. I didnt have to say anything for Jane to know what to do. She lept past me, still a wolf, and pounced on Sara, landing her in the dust. The crime scene investigators werent around and therefore hadnt seen a thing. I jogged down the street and gently nudged Jane off of Sara. She was passed out. I quickly carried her inside.
  4. Sara was sitting on the couch. Jane and I had just finished telling our stories, but she wasnt showing much of a reaction. She just stared at us. Finally she said, "Werewolves. You're werewolves." I nodded. "Im sorry you had to get caught up in this, Sara." She was quiet for a moment longer before suddenly standing. "Make me one." I blinked in surprise. "We couldnt possibly kill you with full consciense knowing who you were and what we were doing and..."
  5. Jane quickly backed me up. "Yeah, I mean, i'm still a kinda young werewolf but I still couldnt kill like that..." She pressed her palm to the back of her head. "I guess i'll have to understand. I suppose it would be harder to kill someone you know rather than a stranger." We were silent for awhile. Then Sara looked up. "What now?" Jane and I said in unison, "I'm hungry."
  6. We walked out into the woods as wolves, Sara sitting on Jane's back. When we got to my preferred hunting spot, I told Sara to get off Jane's back and wait here. >We don't want you to see us eating, Sara. That wouldnt be right.< She nodded. "I understand. Come back soon you guys." Jane and I loped off into the woods. Lucky enough to find a pair of stray hikers off the path, we made good time and were heading back quickly. But when we arrived, Sara was gone.
  7. My claws dug into the grass, staring at the slightly indented part of the ground where Sara had been sitting. Jane came up behind me, already seeing the danger. >Where did she go?< She cried panickedly. My breath was rushing through my fangs and I had no strength or assurance to offer to Jane. I managed to stutter, >It's okay. It'll be okay. We just need to split up and then-< A horrible scream ripped through the air, cutting me off.
  8. Jane and I raced side-by-side through the woods, following the echo of the fading scream. But I didnt need to hear the echo; its horrible sound was implanted in my brain. That was Sara's scream. We rounded several more sharp veers through the trees and then opened out into a clearing. Standing over Sara's body was a pack of five werewolves.
  9. A wolf with dark-colored fur raised his head from Sara, blood dripping off his muzzle. >Well, well, well boys. Looks as though are meal has been inturrupted by two scrawny strays.< The other werewolves looked up as Jane stepped forward. >Who you calling scrawny you little-< I silenced her with a growl and stepped in front of her to face the dark-colored wolf. >I believe you have our friend there.< The wolf literally howled with laughter. >Friend, or prey?< A dark look spread over his face. >We smelt her, we hunted her, and now we'll eat her. Back off.<
  10. My lips split into a growl. >I have asked you nicely. My goal isnt to start something. Youve already done enough damage to her, and she is our friend. Leave now.< He sneered. >Very well. But we're taking our prey.< I took another step forward, almost level with him now. >You really think she's your prey, don't you?< >Yes.< He snarled. Jane looked up. >Wrong answer.<

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