The Stars Shine At Midnight part three

Welcome back to The Stars Shine At Night! I kind of forgot to tell you so in case you don't already know, "_______" just means someone is saying your name. You just in your mind pretend that it says your name.

So last time you were attacked by a strange vampire-like creature. Your last sights were your scarlet red blood and the guy with ruby eyes. Luckily you are now safe in your house and remember that today is Saturday which means Jason's baseball game! Enjoy! :)

Created by: MusicXGothic

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  1. Your eyes open to the sight of white morning sunlight. You begin to recap about what has happened in the past night. It all felt like a dream in retrospective. You get up and go into your bathroom and look in the mirror. Where your neck had once been bitten there seemed to be no trace of evidence that it happened. Only if you look really close you see two tiny cuts side by side. It all felt so crazy, so you shook your head and said, "No, that was just a dream. That never happened."
  2. You notice that your still wearing your clothes from yesterday, however you are wearing an unfamiliar zipped jacket. You unzip it to find your shirt stained with blood. (me: still a dream? lol) You are totally freaked out and decide to take a quick shower. You can't deny it, but what do you do now? After cleaning yourself up you go and decide to find something to wear. You choose...
  3. You remember that Jason's baseball game is today, and when you look at your phone he's sent you a reminder. You don't feel very hungry so you just decide to leave for the game. The clouds that covered once before were now replaced with a brilliant light blue. This somehow calmed you and cleared your mind. When you reached the field you took in the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of a chattering crowd. You take a seat where it was not as crowded and spotted your school's team.
  4. "Hello," you hear a girl's voice come up behind you and turn around. She has gingery red hair that looked like fire as bright sunlight beamed on it. She held a fake smile that obviously had a motive. "My name's Katie. Are you here for Jason?" You reflect the smile and say simply "Yes." "Oh, so are you like his girlfriend?" She said almost in a sarcastic tone. "What makes you say that?" You ask. "The players usually invite the girl they like to their game," Katie purred coolly. "Apparently I wasn't good enough for him, he said he wanted to bring his friend instead, so I'm just trying to figure out what he sees in you."
  5. "But nevermind," she transformed back to giggling and bubbly sweetheart. "Enjoy the game." She goes back to sit with a few other girls who look just as snotty as her. You reminded yourself not to let crap like that ruin your time and started looking for Jason. He looks bored listening to the coach give a speech and smiles when he sees you. When the meeting was done he ran over to you. "Hey, I'm glad you're here," he says. You hear the female voices giggling obnoxiously from behind and catch Jason roll his eyes. "Forget them," he whispered to you. "They're worse than wild geese." "Yeah," you say merrily, as if they never mattered anyway. Jason's coach beckoned the wandering players. "I gotta go," he sighed. "Good luck!" you exclaim as he joins his team. The game begins.
  6. Jason's team was up to bat first, and a kid you think was named Randy was the first batter. As you watched them play you noticed someone out of the corner of your eye. Adam was sitting a couple rows down from you with a notepad in hand. You moved through gaps in the seating and made it over to him. "Hey," you say as you sit down. He looked up and when seeing it was you his face lit up. "______," he beamed. "Nice to see you again."
  7. "It's nice to see you," you reply and looked at the random words sketched on the paper, many scratched out. "What's up?" "Oh, I'm working on a story," he said softly. "For the school newspaper." "You're a reporter?" He smiled modestly, "Yeah, though I don't usually do sports. Mainly current events." "That's really cool," you say, astounded. "Thanks, so do you usually come to these games?"
  8. You say whatever you choose then notice that the bases are loaded and Jason was up to bat. You watch eagerly, first swing's a strike, second's a foul and the third.... he hits it out on field. It hits the ground before anyone could catch it so Jason's running down the bases. The right fielder sprints for the ball and carelessly throws it causing it to aim toward the stands, then you're knocked out.
  9. So after awhile to regain consciousness, though it only felt like a few minutes. You're in a dim room and you realize you're in the nurse's office. Those posters you always see that say "Don't do drugs" and show absurd diagrams of the cardiovascular system. In the corner of the room you notice the outline of a guy standing there.
  10. It's who you would least expect. His name is Daniel and he's one of the skaters from your neighborhood. His coffee brown eyes hid behind medium brown hair and he had a lip ring. "_____," he said when he saw that you were awake. Then...
  11. To be continued! Come back next time for part four! I'll try to get it out ASAP =D

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