It Began Around Midnight ... part 1

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between.

This is my first try at writing a series and i hope you will enjoy it. It is about you, an innocent person, coming home from a friends house a little too late. Something then happens that changes your life for ever and teaches you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

Created by: Toni
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  1. Your on your way home from a friends house, it was around midnight and the moon was visible and bright in the sky and the houses were all dark. Your thinking...
  2. You think you hear something behind you so you turn your head only to see any empty street behind you.
  3. As you keep on walking you feel like your being watched. So you look behind you again, but this time you see two guys only a few meters behind you. As you looked you saw one of the guys watching you. He quickly looked away, but not before you noticed that he had bright topaz colored eyes. You quickly turn your gaze away from the guys and look ahead of you again.
  4. You decide to take a sharp turn down a bike path that is a short cut to your house. Once on the bike path you watch the end and think that once you reach the end of the path you will only be a few houses away from your house. Your thoughts are interrupted as you see two more guys come onto the bike path at the end that you are heading towards.
  5. You keep your pace and look to the ground while you head to the side of the path thinking that they will move to the other side. Your thoughts are interrupted as you look up just before you collide with one of the guys. he is just standing there and looking down at you with emerald eyes.
  6. Before you could do anything the guy in front of you grabs your shoulders and pushes you backwards and collide with another guy. The guy behind you quickly puts an arm around your arms holding them against your sides and puts a hand over your mouth.
  7. You watch in horror as the guy with the emerald eyes starts to lean towards you. he slowly opens his mouth revealing pearl white fangs that seem to shine in the moonlight.
  8. You squirm but the guy holding you only tightens his grip and it starts to hurt. You soon feel warm breath on your neck and then you can feel the fangs on your skin. You look around for help, but your eyes only meet the purple eyes of another guy standing behind the guy in front of you. You can't tell the color of his hair but his purple eyes seem like they would be able to cast a spell on you.
  9. You feel a sharp pain as the fangs puncture your skin. Though you keep your eyes locked onto the guys eyes, but you soon feel dizzy. Your vision starts to get blurry and all you see is a flash of movement and you feel that that the guy behind you let go of you and you fall to the snow covered ground. Once you hit the ground you are pulled into darkness.
  10. Who are these guys? What happened to you after you fell to the ground? And what is going to happen next? Just wait for the next quiz and you'll find out.

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