Which will fall for you part 33

Hello everyone! Welcome to part 33 of Which will fall for you! It's finally out...sorry it took so long! Thank you all for being patient, as always, and thank you for all the happy birthday wishes! ^.^

You are about to face Amelia again, in the weird kitchen room of Bea Hina's manor. What will happen...? We will see! Please enjoy this part, and please comment! I will see you all soon for part 34, and I'm sorry again for the delay!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. Faster than you can follow, Amelia lunges toward you, knife in hand. You don't even have time to react before Miku has collided in midair with her from the side, knocking her out of range. She's on the ground with hatred in her eyes. "You," she spits at Miku. He take out his gun and points it at her head. She narrows her eyes.
  2. Right as Miku pulls the trigger and the gunshot sounds, Amelia's gone. He looks around quickly, gray eyes determined. You gasp as suddenly you see Hannah stiffen and gasp as Amelia holds her from behind, pressing the kitchen knife to her throat. In an instant, your sword is ready and Miku's gun is trained on Amelia. She laughs softly. "Hmm, sweet Hannah is back..." Hannah looks more angry than afraid. You don't have time to think about that, though. You run towards Amelia at the same time Miku does. At the last second Hannah twists away, right into Miku, who pulls her away. At that moment, you thrust your sword forward, stabbing Amelia right through the heart.
  3. Her eyes widen and the knife falls from her hand as the blood seeps through her long dress. The black stain spreads and gets wider. "B...Bea Hina ...she'll still beat you..." Amelia smiles but gasps for air. "It was good fighting you...pretty..." She falls to her knees, clutching her stomach. You exchange looks with Miku and he nods. He points to a cabinet in the kitchen by the oven. "I can feel a lot of energy radiating from there. I think it's probably the door." You walk up to it and open it, deciding that fear will get you nowhere. You duck down and crawl in, Miku and Hannah close behind.
  4. You crawl in the cabinet. Inside it is a dark tunnel. You can't see a thing. You put one hand in front of you and crawl forward, your hand searching for an end to the tunnel. After a few minutes, finally your hand touches smooth wood. You press it and it swings open to reveal another room.
  5. It's entirely white. The room is pretty small, and in every corner, against every wall, and every inch of the floor is covered in dolls. Stuffed animals, baby dolls, beautiful porcelin ladies. They all stare at you with blank expressions. The room is dead quiet except for a soft ticking noise that you can't quite pinpoint the source of. Miku and Hannah scramble out of the door behind you and stand, looking at all the stuffed rabbits and bears and pretty dolls.
  6. Suddenly your foot hits something that feels different from a stuffed animal. You reach down and pick up a small black book. You turn to look at Miku, who shrugs. You glance at Hannah; she's frozen and pale, unable to tear her eyes away from the book. You open it to a random page and begin to read aloud, your voice seeming strange in the quiet space.
  7. "Dear Diary, Today she made me try to kill the little one again, but I couldn't. She said that a good daughter would do it, but I don't want to. She locked me up by myself again. I hope it stays dark forever, because I know when she finally opens that door again she'll be waiting with the little one...." You trail off, scanning the rest of the page quickly. You shudder and shut the book. You look over and see Miku looks disgusted and Hannah is trembling violently.
  8. Hannah shakes her head as if to clear it, then points to the empty white wall. "I think that's the door..." Her finger tracees a very thin black line on the wall. You watch as at the bottom, hidden behind a stuffed rabbit, is a small indentation. Hannah digs her fingers into it and you and Miku watch in surprise as the wall loudly cracks and splits down the middle to reveal the next room.
  9. You and Miku both gasp. Hannah seems to have regained her usual composure. She turns to the two of you. "Let's go." You and Miku follow her into the room, the wall sliding back into place behind her.
  10. And that's all for part 33! I'm sorry I took so long in getting it out, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

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