Swine flu mutated and has began to afect the victims mind. Then it began to create the mythical "Zombies" come forth. First in a small motel then on a calm sunday morning the virus goes airbourne.

Can you survive? will you be able to endure the next plague? Will you be able to find a cure and save humanity? In a couple minutes you'll find out if you could survive a zombocopalpyse

Created by: Frank
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You wake up early, and watch T.V. and see, as all the channels warn about a possible pandemic. What would you do?
  2. How much non-perishable food do you have?
  3. do you own any guns?
  4. and if you owned any would you now how to use them?
  5. Do you know how to make homemade weapons like molatov cocktails?
  6. How fit are you?
  7. were do you live
  8. whatkind of car would you drive?
  9. were would you take refuge
  10. what kind of group would you travel with?
  11. what is your medical expeirience?
  12. If one your commrades was infected you would...?
  13. Do you now were places to get supplies are? (eg. homehardware, a millitary garrison Walmart)
  14. can you rig explosives or traps at the entrance of your stronghold?
  15. Have you expeirienced any disasters in your city before?
  16. How well could you scavenge supplies?
  17. how would you try to stop the infection?
  18. What is you name?
  19. were do you live?
  20. How many colds do you get per year

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