Zombie Apocalypse

This quiz is like and adventure book. Your decisions build up your outcome on if you survive or not. So I suggest you choose wisely. Be careful, and try to survive.

In the year of 2018, there has been the creation of what humans like to call zombies. It started April 6 in Russia when experimenting with radiation. But this effect has been held back from many countries. No one knew until it got out of hand. Now they are among us. But a group of scientists in New Zealand have found the cure. They call it the Safe Zone. Good luck!

Created by: Robert Lee2291
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  1. You are on a trip to England. You are there alone, on a plane to visit some of the cool attractions there, when your brother calls.
  2. You end up answering. He tells you that there has been a "zombie apocalypse" in France.
  3. "You need to get back home! I'm watching the news right now, and it is horrible! You need to get out of there!"
  4. The call drops with an exotic rumble.
  5. You land in England, finding that in the two hours of being on the plane, zombies have completely raided the place. And they are still wondering among the station.
  6. The pilots won't leave, so the passengers leave, willing to find an escape, so you go with them. Right or left.
  7. You find a Papa John's store. The crew enters, eating and saving the scraps of untouched pizza.
  8. You find out the pizza was infested, but how... You hear a creak in the back room where the chefs make the food.
  9. A zombie scrambles up to you from your side, grabbing on to you.
  10. Someone bashes it with a pan, so you get up, running down the empty hall to another room. The crew catches up to you, expecting you to lead.
  11. Down the hallway is a group of zombies. They don't notice you, but they block the way to where you want to go.
  12. You make in to the parking garage. You hear another crew of zombies coming up the staircase.
  13. The crew convinces you to run, so you follow. You run... as fast as you can. But you relies you are going up...
  14. You make it into a mall, more recently raided. You hear people screaming, being murdered.
  15. You follow the group down a nearby staircase. About halfway down, you hear shouting, looking up. Several zombies were throwing themselves onto the people above you.
  16. A zombie manages to snag your leg, causing you to tumble down the staircase. You hurt several people. But the zombies continue to lunge down the stairs.
  17. You make it out of the mall, making your way to what seems like an uninfected part of town, but chaos still lurks.
  18. The people are gathering in the middle of town, preparing to leave. As they gather their belongings from their homes, a fighter jet goes over.
  19. You see it circle around again, firing a missile into the mall. But you notice in the streets that an army of zombies rushes into the center of town.
  20. You retreat into an apartment to the right, along with about 10 of your original crew.
  21. While doing so, a zombie hurdles through a glass window, landing directly in front of you. It gets up, trying to claw you...
  22. A burly man throws it back through the window. He pulls you up. And they continue up to the top of the apartment.
  23. A helicopter comes to the roof, picking you up. The men explain that they are taking you to New Zealand. But they land in Hawaii first.

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