survive a zombie apocalypse

Are you smart well if you are it's not good enough a genius survives zombies have you got a plan that a genius would have? Will you lead, give up, burrow, group together or be a lone wolf?

You may not know the answers to those questions so take this quiz and soon enough you will know what you are going to end up doing in a large zombie apocalypse.

Created by: bethany

  1. What do you know about zombies.
  2. You're parents are being attacked you can't help them without dying
  3. You can take one person in who would you choose
  4. You burrow and your fortifying breaks
  5. You are outside an infected hospital that contains the cure
  6. Do you prefer:
  7. Would you like to be in a hospital during the apocalypse
  8. What is your preference weapon
  9. How do you think you would do in an apocalypse
  10. Would you kill a member of your family if they turned

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