Would you survive a zombie attack/apocalypse?

Zombie apocalypses are, of course, not real at the moment. Eventually, such a scenario is bound to happen. But why just wait? Make a plan! Know what you'll do if this or something similar happens. And remember, this quiz is not meant to be taken seriously. But its designed to help you get a better plan for this scenario!

Once you're ready to take the quiz, you're in the journey of boosting your survival chances! Of course, not too much... but this quiz was fun to make, and I hope its fun to take!

Created by: Dave

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  1. You go to the bathroom to wash your face in the morning. You notice the water is red. What do you do?
  2. Someone is banging at your door. They are severely bleeding and unable to speak. What do you do?
  3. You're certain no one is home and leave your house. You have no transportation but these, what do you choose
  4. Where do you head now?
  5. You find five weapons, but you can only carry one. Which one is it?
  6. Your car runs out of gas. Luckily, it ran out at a car dealer's shop. What car would you get?
  7. Which of these are you good at--
  8. You find 5 survivors. Some of the seats in the vehicle you chose earlier are filled with supplies, so you can only take 4 survivors. You leave--
  9. Are you better at one of these than the other?
  10. You find a group of survivors. You find out they're your enemies and are planning to attack you. So you--
  11. You find that your home has been destroyed by the rival group mentioned earlier. What is your reaction
  12. their leader survived (the rival group leader). He managed to get access to a computer and you figured his ip address out. You--
  13. You only have one piece of food. You
  14. You are being attacked by 7 different zombies. Your gun is empty but your group is in the fort, not noticing your being attacked. But you are concerned yelling for help will attract more zombies...
  15. You leave your fort to get supplies. Who do you take with you?

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