Are You Able To Survive A Zombie Attack? (Part 2)

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This Is Part 2 Of "Are You Able To Survive A Zombie Attack! I Hope You Will Enjoy This Quiz As Much As You Enjoyed The Last One!...Have Fun And Choose Wisely!

*NOTE* Part 2 Of This Quiz May Have Different Answers Than Part 1 So Dont Try To Use Your Skills From Part 1 And Apply Them To This One!.....Unless You Think Im Wrong

Created by: Shyeed J. Scott

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  1. You Defeated The Zombies In The First Quiz "Are You Able To Survive A Zombie Attack?"...You Left Off In The Millitary Base With Your Friends And The Rest Of Your Weapons And Ammo. You See A Small Figure Running In The Distance Towards The Base. What Do You Do?
  2. You Find Out That The Guy Running Towards The Base Is A Civillian Seeking Help. What Do You Do?
  3. He Is An Old Soldier Who Used To Work At The Base And He Says He Knows How To Defeat The Zombies. But You Need To Help Him Because He Has His Own Problems...He Was Recentlly Bitten By A Zombie. What Do You Do?
  4. He Says That There Is A Nuclear Power Plant Not To Far From This Base...Luckly He Has A Vehicle That Can Get You There Safely. So You Choose To Go To The Power Plant...He Says "Once You Get There Press The TACTICAL NUKE Button To Eliminate All The Zombies". Before You Leave You Need To Stock Up...What Do You Take?
  5. What Do You Take As A Primary Weapon?
  6. What Do You Take As A Secondary Weapon?
  7. What Do You Take As A Melee Weapon?
  8. So You Take Your Weapons And The Vehicle And Drive To The Power Plant...MeanWhile During The Trip You Start To Hear Loud Footsteps As If A 50 Foot Giant Was Coming...But Instead Its Another One Of Those Steroide Looking Monsters!. What Do You Do?!?
  9. Your Driving As Fast As You Can But Then You Had No Time To Think Of Something...So That Means The Monster Smacks Your Vehicle 100 Yards!...Luckly All Of You Survive But The Monster Is Heading Right Towards You. What Do You Do?!?!??!??
  10. Your Shooting And Shooting And Shooting Until All Of Your Friends Ammo Runs Out...Your The Only One Left With Ammo...So Your Shooting The Monster As He Gets Closer...And Closer!.....And CLOSER!!!! Until Hes Right Infront Of You Face To Face...You Say To Yourself "Im Gonna Totally Die!!!" When All Of A Sudden.......He Falls To The Ground...You And Your Friends A Realived As You Continue On Foot...What Is Your Next Idea Going To Be?

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Quiz topic: Am I Able To Survive A Zombie Attack? (Part 2)