Could you survive a gnome attack?

Many people love gnomes but few are ready for when they rebel. Will you know what to do? Until you take this quiz you wouldn't know if you were prepared.

Could you survive a gnome attack? They may look cute and harmless but they were made to fight. Those garden gnomes will attack you. But are you ready for it?

Created by: The Geek

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  1. Do you always lock your doors?
  2. Which of these weapons is best on gnomes?
  3. Which coloured gnome hat means their an assasin gnome?
  4. Is a car useful against gnomes?
  5. Do gnomes use ranged or up close weapons?
  6. Is it safe to have a gas powered lawnmower?
  7. Will a dog help?
  8. Should you keep the remains of the gnomes you defeat?
  9. Whats the best bait for a gnome trap?
  10. Do you think they will attack?

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