It Began Around Midnight ... part 2

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between. It tells you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

Yay, part 2! Like i said in the results in part 1 the guys names and appearances will be told in this quiz. It won't be written in the paragraphs, but only in the quiz itself.

Created by: Toni
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  1. *You look around in the darkness looking for a way to escape. you stop as you notice four shadowy figures watching you with eyes of magnificent colors. A pair of purple eyes filled with kindness, a pair of emerald eyes showing difference and uniqueness, a pair of topaz eyes ready to listen yet ready to hide away, and a pair of red eyes that you don't recognize, but you can see that they would never give up if something important was at stake. A dark and dangerous laugh comes from the darkness and surrounds you, you turn and start to run as hard and as fast as you can, but-* your eyes fly open in terror as you sit up on the bed that you were lying on.
  2. You decide look out the window on the wall it is still dark out so you figure that it is pretty early in the morning. You try to relax yourself by looking around the room you are in it is pretty dark so you can't see much. That's when you notice that the room doesn't look familiar.
  3. You look around for a light when you notice a lamp on a nightstand beside the bed. you turn it on and look around the room. A sigh of relief escapes you mouth because it is your bedroom. That's when you notice your shirt, you pull the blankets off of your legs and you notice that you are wearing exactly what you wore to your friends house. You think that you would have changed into your PJ's before you had gone to bed. Then you notice a figure standing in front of your closet door. He has jet black hair, a perfect slim yet still a little muscular figure, and he has blood red eyes.
  4. You start to crawl backwards unaware that you are coming to the edge of the bed. You feel the bed disappear from underneath your hands and you fall to the floor. When you look back to where the guy was there is only your closet door. You find that your hand had found it's way to your neck where you were bitten, but there is no sign of a bite mark, no bump or anything. "I'm going crazy," you whisper to yourself.
  5. You get off the floor and stand up. An uncomfortable feeling enters your stomach. You realize that you haven't eaten for a while, so you decide that you should eat something before you start obsessing over what is happening to you.
  6. You head downstairs and into your kitchen. You look at the clock that is on the wall and it says that it is 7 in the morning. As you continue on your way to the fridge to look for something to eat you notice a note on the fridge from your parents.*Dear ______ we're sorry we couldn't say goodbye to you before we left for our one week anniversary vacation to Florida. We stocked the pantry with food, but if you need any help with anything you can call us, or your friends mom. If you don't feel like staying at home alone for a week it's okay for you to stay with your friend. Love Mom and Dad*
  7. You get your breakfast and head over to the table to eat. Once you finish you put your dishes in the dishwasher. That's when you hear the door bell ring. You look at the clock, 7:30. Who would be ringing the door bell at 7:30 in the morning you think as you make your way over to the door. Once you get to the door you open it a little and peek out. A guy is standing on the steps with his back turned to you. He has dark brown hair and by just looking at his back he looks slim and agile. You open the door more and you guess he hears you because he turns around and looks at you with a gentle face. You gasp as you notice that he has bright topaz eyes.
  8. "We need to talk," he whispers to you. Out of instincts to push the door closed, but it doesn't shut, he must have stopped it. "Leave me alone," you yell and you start to run away from the door and toward the back door. A few meters away from the back door you stop as you see it open and a muscular guy with sand colored hair and purple eyes comes through the door.
  9. You make a sharp turn and start running up the stairs. Half way up you notice the guy with red eyes and jet black hair standing at the top. with adrenaline pumping through your veins you manage to jump over the railing on the stairs and land on the floor with a thud. You continue running, but back toward the kitchen thanking that you have a big house. Once in the kitchen you run toward the phone, but you have to run around the counter to get to it. you end up almost slipping as you come around the counter. You've just picked up the phone when you hear the kitchen window open. A guy with medium height and medium muscles, bleach white hair and emerald eyes climbs through the window. "I wouldn't do that if i were you," hey says, then continues,"Andre, Zac, Christian, she's in the kitchen." You feel the phone slip out o your hand and land on the floor with a crash.
  10. You open a cupboard right beside you and take out a frying pan as the other three guys jog into the kitchen. You hold it up warning them that you would hit whoever came toward you. "It's okay. We're not going to hurt you," says the guy with purple eyes. "Zac's right, we just want to talk to you," explains the guy with topaz eyes."What do you mean by 'we' Andre?" asks the guy with red eyes. "We're you going to tell her what i think you were going to tell her?" asks the guy with emerald eyes. "Depends what you were thinking Kyle," stated the guy with topaz eyes who you think is Andre. "What! She's only a human and last night Kyle was ready to kill her," stated the guy with red eyes. "Cool it Christian. She's right there," says the guy with purple eyes, who you guess is Zac, as he gestures to you. "Sorry," says the guy with red eyes, who must be Christian, as he looks at you. Then they all turn to look at you. "Who..who are you guys?" you stutter.
  11. You don't have to answer this question, but who is starting to catch your eye?

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