Which will fall for you part 18

Hi everyone, welcome to part 18 of my quiz series, which will fall for you. Sorry it took so long (again). If you can't remember what happened I strongly suggest you go refresh your memory, or at least read the recap. ^.^

Recap: you went to the library and found out about the Roseaceas and Baiorettos. In the last part, you ended by looking at the pictures of Ella and of the girl who looks like Violet. :) please remember to comment and come back for part 19!

Created by: xxdarkxx

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  1. You slam the book shut and realize you are trembling violently. You have an intense need to know what is going on- now. You run back to the dome, thinking...
  2. You reach the dome and sprint inside. It is quiet and it seems that everyone has gone for the night. You run to the elevator and slam the button when you hear a loud voice. "Oi! ____!" You hastily stop the doors from shutting as Matt steps into the elevator.
  3. You mumble a hello, but your mind is pretty preoccupied at the moment. Luckily Matt doesn't require much to keep a conversation going. All you have to do is mumble a few words here and there. You aren't paying attention and you feel totally overwhelmed.
  4. "...and don't worry, Miss Baioretto won't do that to you again..." Matt is saying. Your head snaps up. "What?!" You say loudly. Matt looks at strangely. "I said, Violet won't try to hurt you aga-" You interrupt him. "No, no!" You say frantically. "You said the name Baioretto! I heard you!
  5. Matt looks at you like you're going insane. "Yes, her name is Violet Baioretto..." You stare at him for a tense moment, and then the questions start pouring out. "Who are the Roseaceas? Who is Violet? Why does she hate me? What-" Matt cuts you off. "I think you had better follow me to my office, ____." You shut up and follow him out of the elevator and into the same office you were in earlier.
  6. Matt shuts the door behind you and turns to face you. "____, this may come as a shock to you. You are actually from an ancient family famous for having special gifts. This family is the Roseaceas."
  7. "Violet is from another family, also famous for gifts, called the Baiorettos. These two powerful families hated each other for some unknown reason, and they feuded throughout history." Matt walks over to his desk and sits down, his glasses sliding slightly down his nose. "Then one day, a Roseacea girl did the unthinkable. She made friends with a lonely Baioretto."
  8. "The Baioretto girl's name was Kara. She was a sweet girl, could always be found with a smile on her face. Ella was drawn to her, for she too was lonely. The two became best friends, but since their friendship was forbidden they had to keep it a secret from the world."
  9. "As time went on, Kara and Ella told each other everything. Over the years, Kara would even tell Ella dark secrets of her family, weaknesses and things that would be better left alone. But as Kara told her more and more things, Ella grew more cold and distant. She seemed indifferent to Kara and the rest of the world. All she would talk about was power. Kara tried to get things back to the way they were, but her efforts were in vain. Ella grew more cold and more power hungry by the day."
  10. "Then, one day, Kara's precocious little sister saw Ella doing something strange. She seemed to be singing, but her hands were dripping with a red-black liquid. Ella turned around and saw Kara's sister and flew into a rage. She unleashed a fearsome power none had seen before, killing everyone near her. The only Baioretto to survive was Kara's little sister... Violet."
  11. "Ella disappeared after that incident. You and Ella were close when you were a baby, and the Roseaceas had no desire for another tragedy that would bring shame on the family. So they got rid of you too, and you were sent to live with the parents you know. Around that time, massive amounts of demons began to appear and start attacking people. That's why this orginization began to be really needed by the world." Matt looks at you with concerned eyes. "____, do you understand? Ella is your sister."
  12. Matt's face swims before your eyes and you can hear him frantically calling your name as you fall into unconciousness.
  13. And that's the end of part 18! Did you like it? Do things start to make sense? I hope so. Please comment and come back for part 19, and I promise next time, there will be more guys. :)

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