Which will fall for you part eight

Hello and welcome to part eight of the "which will fall for you" series. This quiz/story, however, is beginning to turn into something much more than which guy do you like best. Its an actual story which I am very much caught up in making, and so I really hope you enjoy it.

Recap time! Anthony wanted to talk to you about the wolf incident, etc. Ok, please remember to rate and comment, and I hope you enjoy this quiz, even though this part may be a bit confusing. Please enjoy!!!!

Created by: xxdarkxx

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  1. You sit down next to Anthony. He looks at you and says, "I'll bet you have a lot of questions." You are offput by those intelligent eyes that change from blue to green in the light and can only nod. Anthony clears his throat. "Well, let's start at the beginning."
  2. "That earthquake back at the house wasn't really an earthquake. It was the demons trying to get to you. Your power is much stronger, much more magnetic than we could have imagined. Thankfully, we had an evacuation plan in the event something like this happened and we all got out safely. We will be here in this forest until it is safe again."
  3. Anthony shrugs. Then he says, "We had left to scout the area around here while you were asleep. We didn't expect you to wake up - we were close by in case of danger." Anthony seems to be trying to apologize. "But...you did wake up." Anthony's eyes darken. "And that...that thing found you before we did. Luckily Miku was close..."
  4. Anthony shakes his head. "That was not a wolf. Not a living one anyway." He frowns. "Demons can disguise themselves as any creature that they have consumed. That's why you must be very careful. A demon may be your cat, your best friend, your mother. You cannot identify one just by looking at it."
  5. Anthony continues, "Demons are created by an enormously powerful figure called Bea Hina. We call her Bea. As far as we know, she is not human. Her ultimate goal is to collect all the music in the world and use its power to destroy the world as we know it."
  6. "It is the duty of the 'Gifted' like me, carter, miku, tanner, and you to destroy demons and eventually defeat Bea Hina. And though it is difficult, we do have some advantages. The reason we are called Gifted is because we harbor special powers, which we use to fight the demons. These powers also attract demons. Our gifts differ from person to person, depending on physical and mental strength and personality. Some have what you might call "superpowers" while others have extremely powerful weapons that only they can handle."
  7. "You've seen Miku's. That gun he was pointing at the demon when he found you earlier is his gift. Carter is a vampire-his gift is his teeth. Tanner's gift is his incredible strength and agility. You'll have to ask them if you want to know more than that. We're not sure exactly what you do yet, but the incident earlier should tell us a lot.
  8. Anthony smiles. "My strong point is my mind. Since its unusually strong, I have several powers from it. For one, I have an extremely good photographic memory - I note every detail around us subconciously. I also have what you call telekinesis- I can move things with my mind. And if I have enough strength, then I can place myself in other's heads and make their thoughts my own."
  9. "Why don't you guys use this stuff all the time?" You ask. Anthony answers, "The only problem with gifts is that they take a huge toll on your body - enough that it could shorten your lifespan. If we push ourselves too hard, it could even kill us. Therefore, we tend to conserve our energy for when it really matters, in battle. That way our gifts don't overwhelm and kill us."
  10. "We need to study you some more so we know what your capabilities and limits are, and then we can begin training you to take advantage of your gift. To do this, I have arranged for you to spend one day with each of us so you can learn more about your powers and exercise them."
  11. "...starting tomorrow," Anthony is saying. He looks at you and smiles. You blush as he tentatively brushes your hair out of your eyes. "Get some rest. You've had a lot to take in," he says softly. Then he leads you back to your tent. You lay alone in the dark awhile thinking about all the information you got before you finally fall asleep.
  12. That's all for today! Thank you so much for taking my quiz, I'm sorry there was a lot of talking and a lot of information. I hope that you'll come back for part nine, and please tell me who you would like to go first and why you like this quiz. I take into consideration all advice. Thanks so much!

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