Which will fall for you part 23

Hey everyone and welcome to part 23 of "which will fall for you!" Thanks for all your comments, I love hearing what you guys think and your theories about what's going to happen next.

So the boys rescued you from Amelia, and now you're going down that staircase on the side of the house to try to find Serene and Mark. I hope you like the quiz, and don't forget to comment! Enjoy!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You descend into the darkness, the guys right in front of you. The walls of the tunnel/stairway seem to close around you as you continue down the narrow staircase. The air is stale and heavy, and smells musty. You and the guys are silent for a while as you fumble your way through the dark. Then all of a sudden Carter calls back to you, "Hey! ____! Did you have a question or two? Now would be a good time to ask." "Okay!" You call. "Where do I even start?"
  2. (You chose the 3rd one) Tanner says, "Yeah, well, we thought she was childless too. Usually when a child with a gift is born we know right away...but Amelia probably used some sort of powerful magic to hide him from us." You consider this before asking, "Well then, what IS Amelia? She's definetly not human...could she be Bea Hina?" You hear a sigh in the dark and then Anthony's voice rings out. "Amelia is not Bea Hina. If Bea was only as strong as Amelia, we would have a bigger advantage in this war. As it is, Bea is incredibly powerful. Much more so than Amelia." A shiver runs down your spine as you remember the intensity of power and force behind Amelia's attacks. "Then what is she?" You ask. Carter's voice answers you. "Amelia is...well, let me put it this way. There are the demons that you've already seen and fought. Then there are certain demons that have evolved so that they actually gain the ability to create more demons. They are called Ki. Above the Ki is another rank: Kuro. Kuro are even more highly evolved, so they have tremendous strength and are extremely hard to kill. They also have special powers. You can identify them by the crescent moon on their forehead. Only four Kuro exist in the world right now; think of them as Bea's private circle. Amelia is a Kuro."
  3. (You chose the third one) "Regular demons have to take in a good amount of music energy force before they become a Ki. Ninety percent of demons are destroyed before they can become Ki- which is good, because Ki are pretty strong. There are probably 200-300 Ki in existance right now. Once you're a Ki, you need to impress Bea in some way, and if she gets attached to you, you become a Kuro. If she doesn't like you, you die." Tanner finishes explaining. "Next?" He says, and you can hear the grin in his voice. You clear your throat. "What about that boy, Hiro? What did you mean when you talked about 'frozen' and all that?" This time, Miku answers you. "When a Kuro has a child, that child is born with incredible powers. It has the potential to be used as a weapon of mass destruction. They are always born with amazing gifts. However, their parents give them special 'treatments'. Either the treatments will turn the child's gift into a dark power- a process we call freezing- or the power will become too much for the child, and they will die. We're pretty sure, though, if you stop the treatments then the freezing stops." Before you can ask, he adds, "And you don't want to know what the treatments are. Really." Trying to ignore the last part, you ask, "You *think*? You don't know that that stops the freezing?" Anthony answers, "Yeah...well, there have only been a few Kuro children in history, and the GA has never been able to get to one before they Froze. So we'll have to see what happens to Hiro. But its a good sign that he's taken such a great liking to Violet." You start to ask why the two of them are so close, but stop your question in mid-breath, thinking that you should probably ask Violet that one.
  4. "Any more questions?" Carter laughs. You blush in the dark. "Yeah...just one. How'd you guys know where to find me when I was in trouble?" The guys stop abruptly and you see the dim outline of a heavy wooden door. Carter's voice is matter of fact. "Because you're a special person, ____." Then he pushes the door open and torchlight engulfs the five of you. You step through the door and into a large basement-type room. Everything, walls, floor, and ceiling are made of a gray stone. A few torches are mounted on the walls; they seem especially bright after the dark tunnel. The room is empty except for two chairs back to back in the middle of the room. In the chairs sit Serene and Mark.
  5. Serene's long, curly brown hair has fallen out of its ponytail and falls over her shoulders. In some spots it's dark with blood. Her wrists are tied behind her back, her feet are tied together, and she's tied to the chair. She sits slumped in an awkward position. You run up to her and find her unconcious, dried blood on her face from a cut above her eye. Miku and Tanner rush over to her and untie her. She slumps into their arms as you examine Mark. He's tied in the same way as Serene. He has a long cut that travels from his forehead across his cheek. The upper right side of his shirt is stained with blood. He's unconsious too. Both of your friends are bruised and limp. The guys pick them up and carry them out into the stairwell, you following close behind. After what seems like forever of squeezing through the tunnels, you taste fresh air and see a dim light. Soon you're back in the courtyard. The afternoon sky has slowly faded into dusk, and the sky has dimmed to a red tinted purple. A couple stars are visible. You inhale the fresh air and take in the beauty of the silent courtyard.
  6. You follow the guys back to the hotel. They lay Serene and Mark down in their rooms. Violet is in your/her/Serene's room, Hiro in her lap. Violet doesn't look surprised when Tanner and Miku come in to lay down Serene. She hugs Hiro tighter and meets your eyes. "Is Mark like this too?" She asks quietly. Mark nods. Then he and Tanner leave to see to Mark. Violet sets Hiro on the floor and he starts to play by himself, drawing on the carpet with his finger. Violet walks over to Serene and looks at her for a minute. "Get me a wet cloth." She orders quietly. You feel a twinge of resentment at being ordered around but you push it out of your mind and get her the cloth. Carefully, Violet begins to clean Serene's face of all the dried blood and dirt. When she's done, Serene looks good as new except for the line of the cut above her eye and a shadow of a bruise under he left cheekbone. Violet continues to examine her for serious injuries, but she only has a few scratches except for her left palm, which has a pretty deep cut. You help Violet bandage her hand and brush out her hair and change her out of the dirty GA uniform. When you're done, Serene lays there, eyes closed, peaceful and, well, serene looking.
  7. Suddenly Violet speaks. "____...I'm sorry for calling you a monster...I can't judge you by your sister." Her voice cracks. "Its just...you look like her...and..." She buries her face in her hands. Unsure of what to do while witnessing Violet's moment of weakness, you sit there, unable to even choke out an "its ok."Hiro comes over and tugs on her shirt. "Play with me?" He asks, his sweet brown eyes big. Violet smiles sadly at him and strokes his hair. "He's really special, you know." It takes you a second to realize she's talking to you. She looks up at you, her wavy black hair framing that perfect pale skin. "He's got a really powerful Gift. At least, I'm pretty sure he does. I think I know what it is, but he won't show it to me." She frowned. "But, I'm pretty sure that he has visions- he can tell the future."
  8. That night you sleep deeply and without dreams. When you awake the next morning, everyone else seems to be asleep. Its maybe an hour after sunrise. You go and stand on the small balcony attached to your room. You watch the town slowly come to life in the early morning sun. A soft wind blows your hair and you look over to see someone else sitting on their balcony in the room next to you.
  9. Its Mark. He's wearing his sunglasses again. He doesn't have a shirt on; white bandages cover the upper right part of his chest. The long scar you saw on his face is now a thin red line. He smiles at you as the breeze runs through his hair. "Hey," he says. "Hi," you smile back. "How are you feeling?" Mark gets up and stretches, his tanned and toned body a golden color in the early morning light. "Fine," he says, but you see his hand go to his chest for a quick instant and notice his shallow breathing. "You need rest," you scold him. He shrugs and grins nonchalantly. You force a smile, but really you're worried about him.
  10. "So...what happened back there?" You ask. Mark flinches. "Look, I'm really sorry I left you alone, but it would've been worse if I was there, and you didn't know, and it was all my fault, and-" You cut him off. "Start at the beginning. Minus the aplologies." You smile wryly. He closes his eyes and leans on the balcony, the wind blowing his hair. "Well, it went like this..."
  11. And that's all for part 23! I hope you liked it...please comment and part 24 will be out soon!

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