Which will fall for you part 32

Hey everyone, and welcome to part 32 of which will fall for you! I'm sorry this is really late, I've been so busy. Thanks for being so patient. Also, it might be a bit late next week too because friday is my birthday. ^^

Soooo recap! You made it to the Xanda territory, and beat the weird twins. Time to enter the field. What will happen? Find out! Please remember to comment- I love your comments! And I will see you next time!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. The wind is so violent that you feel like you could be blown away at any moment. Static crackles around you and you put your arm in front of your face to try and sheild your stinging eyes.
  2. Then suddenly the wind is all gone and the airis still. You lower your arm and look about in wonder as the others stumble out of the "wall"/field thing behind you. The ground beneath your feet is a brilliant green grass. The sun shines brightly in a bright blue sky. And just a few hundred feet from you is a huge manor. Its painted white, and there's a big red door. Rosebushes, fountains, and statues dot the grounds. Everything is quiet but for the bubbling fountains and chirping birds.
  3. "W-what is this place?" You stammer. You blink in surprise as a tiny black butterfly flutters in front of your face, landing on your nose for just one second. Your eyes follow it, wide open. "This is Bea Hina's HQ. She calls it "Kurochou" or "Black Butterfly." [____] grabs your hand and squeezes it.
  4. "Well, let's go!" says Tanner cheerfully, sauntering towards the big red door. Everyone follows cautiously. You envy his easy confidence. You all stop at the door and stand there awkwardly. "Uhmm...should we...knock...?" Miku asks hesitantly. Tanner smirks. "We don't knock on the doors of our enemies!" He grabs the door handle and pulls, ignoring everyone's loud protests. The door nearly flies off the handle and suddenly everyone is silent as you all stare into the house.
  5. The door leads into a long hallway. The floor is checkered black and white tile. The ceiling is black and the walls are white. On the walls hang photographs and paintings. You cautiously step into the long hall and lead the way down it, looking at the pictures as you go. There's one of a girl who looks a lot like you but older, hugging a happy-looking girl with long black hair and pale skin. There's one of a little girl with big purple eyes. And lastly there's one of your look alike at the age of maybe eight or ten, holding a tiny baby with a strange expression on her face. You shudder and force yourself to stop looking at the pictures and keep moving forward.
  6. However, the hallway just seems to get longer and longer. After walking in silence for nearly ten minutes, Serene calls out from behind you, "Oi, ____? Any idea where we're going?" You ignore the bad feeling in your stomach and keep walking. "Well, actuall-" You're cut off by your own gasp as suddenly the floor falls out from under you and you're falling. You flail and twist to look upwards and see the others peering into a perfectly round hole looking at you with expressions of horror. The circle gets smaller and smaller and you reach to it in vain as you fall through the dark. You yell,
  7. "____! Hang on, we're coming!" The voice calls from above. You close your eyes and pray that soon you'll stop falling. The next second, you hit the ground with a heavy thud. You groan in pain and lift your head up and look around, the darkness suddenly gone.
  8. The room you're in looks like a kitchen, with stainless steel countertops and cabinets painted a bright red. The walls are white but the floor is a strange dark purple tile. You get up and stagger to the counter, leaning on it while struggling to catch your breath. You hear two more thuds and turn around to see Miku and Hannah sprawled on the ground. They moan and Miku sits up, pushing hair out of his eyes. He turns to you. "Are you ok? As soon as you fell, the hole started closing. Only the two of us made it through before it closed..." Hannah rubs her head. "Ow."
  9. "Ohh, so you're back?" You nearly choke when you hear the cool, mocking voice behind you. You spin around. Sure enough, perched on the edge of the counter next to you is Amelia, her long black hair falling unnaturally straight around her delicate features. "Still pretty." She looks at you with those black eyes from under long eyelashes and slowly licks a long kitchen knife she's holding. She smiles and the crescent flickers. "Ready for a rematch?"
  10. That's all for part 32. Sorry for it being so late! See you next time!

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