Which will fall for you part 12

Welcome to part twelve of my which will fall for you quiz series! Thank you all for being so patient with me, it takes a while to find the time to make these things. Anyway, I sincerely hope you enjoy this quiz, because this was one of my favorites to write.

Who will you get this time? I hope its who you want! Please comment, because the comments keep me wanting to make more. Also, try checking out my website (thanks to nessie14 for the idea!) And you can also email me if you want to contact me. Thanks, and have fun!

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. You awaken to the slight tapping of rain on your tent. You
  2. You throw on a jacket and climb out of your tent. The soft rain taps on your hair and face and shoulders. The sky is a perfect white, and a gray mist curls around the tree trunks and swirls around your feet.
  3. You see a light coming from one of the other tents- the one you talked to anthony in the other day. You head over and enter the tent. Anthony is inside, looking at something under a microscope and sketching something with his free hand.
  4. Anthony looks up and smiles, his eyes changing from blue to green in the light. "Please, sit down." He gestures to the chair next to him. You sit down and look at the sketch he was drawing. It looks like a double helix, like DNA. It has a strange ribbon like swirl around it, with little things that look like ladder rungs connecting it. He has darkened one of these rungs.
  5. Anthony smiles again. "Yes. Its actually your DNA." He points to the dark ladder rung on the drawing. "See the darkened nitrogen base? That's not your standard thymine, adenine, cytosine or guanine."
  6. Anthony explains, "Well, actually its a base called 'solstice'. I've found this genetic mutation in every person who possesses the music. However, I've never seen this spiral around the helix before...." He looks at you. "You're definetly special."
  7. (Assuming you chose 2nd) "Yes," Anthony replies, adjusting his microscope and putting away his drawing. "Today, I wanted to start making your weapon." He looks at you. "That ok?"
  8. "Ok. First of all I need to collect some of your music to put its power into a physical weapon." Anthony smiles. "I'm also assuming you have a lot of questions- don't worry, I'll get to those."
  9. "Alright," Anthony hands you a small handheld microphone. "Since your gift is in your song, like Mikus is in his piano playing, we need to capture the song's energy to make your weapon." He filps a switch to turn the microphone/ recording device on and says "Will you sing?"
  10. You feel a sudden flutter in your stomach. Anthony is staring intently at you. You feel tense and take a deep breath. Then you sing Miku's melody into the microphone. The sound amazes you- its like nothing you've ever heard in your life. You're carried away by the music and don't even realize when you've stopped singing and Anthony is hurrying around putting away the tape and recording device. You sit perfectly still, but suddenly you feel very tired. You feel a cool hand on your forehead.
  11. You see those strange blue-green eyes in front of your face and you slowly sit up in your chair. Anthony says, "Don't try to do too much. Like I said, using your powers takes a lot of energy. Usually people take a while to build up their powers to be able to do what you just did. Plus, you're already needing sleep because of your developing powers." He pats your hand gently. "Great job. I'll make your weapon for you soon." Things slowly start to focus again and the fatigue decreases a little as you gather your bearings.
  12. "Anthony," you say, "you seem to have been around longer than anyone else here. What's your story? Why are you here? How do you relate to the others?"
  13. Anthony doesn't hesitate to answer you. "I'm a lot older than the other guys, even though I look the same age. I was born in a different world than this one, a very long time ago. I grew up there, but I wasn't satisfied with what I could learn there. My thirst for knowledge was nowhere near quenched. Besides, my Gifts made others dislike me. They were frightened of me and the things I could do if I wanted to."
  14. "So I left my home for this world. Here I found others with powers, others like myself. I fought Bea Hina with them, and despaired as she killed every one of my commorades. I was the only one left, and I fled with the memory of my dying friends and my dying hope. I gave up the fight until one day when I found Tanner fighting an enormous group of demons alone. I helped him win the battle, and his life and spirit and detirmination gave me my hope back. We set off together in search of others."
  15. "Together, Tanner and I fought many demons, but never quite made it to Bea Hina. Then we found Carter, and he joined us in our fight. Carter is the one who found Miku, who was still a child when he joined our group. When he joined we fought even more demons and even made it to Bea..." He looks a bit sad. "But we lost, and suffered great injuries. Everyone else we had picked up along the way was killed. Still we survive..."
  16. Anthony snaps out of his trance-like stare and smiles at you. "But you don't want to hear of battles and blood and my own regrets." You feel your eyelids starting to close against your will. You struggle to keep them open as Anthony laughs quietly. "You are a strong one...you'll keep fighting to the end..."
  17. Your eyelids finally close and you dream of a shadowy figure. Its running away from you as a dark laughter rings in your head. You chase it fruitlessly; its always one step ahead of you, its long dark hair swaying with its graceful steps. Slowly, it turns around and you see a beautiful pale doll-like face with giant purple, bloodthirsty eyes. You are paralyzed with fear as she holds her hands, covered in black scars, up to your face. They're sticky with a dark red blood, and you shudder as she whispers your name and you fall into darkness, managing to whisper one word before you dissolve into the darkness.
  18. That's all for part 12! I hope you guys liked it, because this one was especially fun to write. Please comment, and come back for part 13 soon!

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