Which will fall for you part 22

Hey everybody. :) welcome to part 22 of my quiz series, "which will fall for you". The last quiz was kind of short and not much happened, but I tried to make up for that in this one, so please enjoy!

Recap: you snuck into a house in the middle of the village, but you were found by the strange woman named Amelia. Mark, serene and Violet are no where to be found. Looks like you're on your own for now... Please enjoy this part, and remember to comment!

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. "So, ____? What were you doing sneaking into my house?" Amelia's expression is unfathomable. Her black eyes bore into you. You stammer out, "I-I was going t-to ask you about the d-d-demons..." Amelia looks shocked for a split second, but masters it almost instantly. You stare at her curiously. "These...demons. Where were they?" She asks coolly, pushing her long hair over her shoulder. "Ah...I don't know...a few miles from here?" You say, straining to remember. Amelia let's out a low hiss. You look at her with surprise. For an instant, you think you see a black crescent shape flicker on her forehead behind her bangs, but then it disappears and you reprimand yourself for imagining things. Suddenly the american man, Alex, enters the room, holding a struggling Violet. The little boy, Hiro, trails after them, eyes wide.
  2. Amelia is instantly on her feet. She leans down so her face is equal with Violet's. Violet is looking everywhere in the room except Amelia. Amelia laughs softly, almost sinisterly. "That won't help you, sweetheart...but thank you for keeping my son Hiro entertained." She picks up the child, who squirms and writhes in her arms. She holds him on her hip with one hand. Slowly, Amelia traces a pale line down Violet's cheek with a long red nail. Violet shivers and closes her eyes. Alex is still holding her. He's staring straight ahead, not looking at anything or saying a word. Amelia has her back to you. Slowly, silently, you reach for your sword and withdraw it. You creep up behind Amelia. Violet's eyes fly open and catch yours. They're filled with pure panic. You stop abruptly and your sword clatters to the ground. Amelia spins around and stares at you, a small smile tugging at her lips. "Conspiring, were we?"
  3. Amelia sits Hiro down on the floor. He runs and hugs Violet's leg. She's flashing you desperate warning looks, but you are distraced as Amelia pulls out a thick, diamond shaped iron knife. It almost looks like a trowel, but very sharp. Your heart sinks when you realize its a Kunai - a dangerous weapon. She grips the kunai in her hand and arches an eyebrow at you. "Still wanna fight?" She laughs as the black crescent shape you saw before fades in on her forehead. She closes her eyes. When she opens them, her eyes flash dark purple and she smiles to reveal two rows of very pointy, sharp white teeth. You grab your sword off the floor just as she comes lunging at you, mouth open in mocking silent laughter.
  4. You block the lunge with the flat side of your sword, but are rattled by the sheer strength and power behing the jump. You stagger backwards and hit the wall. You glance over at Violet and see her struggling violently against Alex, who looks almost bored. Hiro is now crying, still clinging to Violet. Then Amelia comes rushing at you again. You roll out of the way just in time and try to slice at her with your sword. She spins away, her long straight hair spiraling around her. She lands crouched a few yards away from you, breathing heavily. Her cropped bangs hang perfectly over her hungry eyes and black crescent. She hisses and leaps at you. You try to block her again but she's extremely strong. You are knocked onto your back, gasping for air.
  5. Amelia stands over you, smiling with those pointy teeth. Her fist tightens around her kunai as she leans down. She strokes your face almost lovingly. "You really are a pretty creature..." Then she raises the kunai, black eyes flashing purple again.
  6. Suddenly, something goes flying past Amelia, knocking the knife out of her hand and cutting it. She screams in agony and grabs her wrist, black liquid oozingout of a long cut on the back of her hand. You look to see what hit her. Its a large, sharp shard of porcelin that looks a lot like the remnants of the teapot. You scramble to your feet and turn around just in time to see a heavy vase fly straight into Alex's head, causing him to crumple to the ground, releasing Violet in the process. Violet instantly grabs the sobbing Hiro and cradles him in her arms. You turn with shock to the direction the vase flew from and see Anthony standing there, looking utterly furious. Various vases and art and iron weapons are floating around him.
  7. Right then someone grabs you around the waist and lifts you into the air. You know this giant bear hug too well. "Tanner!" You exclaim. He ruffles your hair and smiles. Carter and Miku run into the room. Carter hugs you gently as Miku looks first at you with alarm, then at Amelia, who is still on the floor nursing her hand and can't seem to get up, with disgust. Tanner turns around to look at her and she hisses at him. Then in a split instant, she's on her feet and out the door. She's disappeared before anyone can do anything. Tanner, Carter, and Miku exchange looks. Miku shakes his head. "She's too fast. We'll never catch her. Better to stay here and take care of these three," he says gesturing towards you, Violet and Hiro. Carter adds, "And it's more than likely that Serene and Mark are being kept here too. I think its highly unlikely they would keep them anywhere else." Tanner nods. "Right then. We stay. But what about him?" He points to the body of Alex on the ground. He's out cold, probably dead.
  8. "He's a goner. He's not one of *them* anyway." Miku dismisses Alex with a wave of his hand. He turns to you. "____, I haven't asked. How are you doing? Are you hurt?" He asks worriedly. You smile a bit shakily. "I'm fine. But...who was she? WHAT was she? How'd you guys know I was in danger? Where are Mark and Serene? What-" Carter stops you with a smile and both hands held up, palms facing you. "Woah, slow down there. We'll answer all your questions, I promise. But at the moment, we need to take care of you and Violet and look for Mark and Serene. I'm sure they're being held somehwere in this house. He turns around and calls to Anthony. "Hey Anthony...you ok over there?"
  9. Anthony is sitting on his knees, totally still. Random objects, many broken, are scattered around him. At the sound of Carter's voice, he looks up abruptly. "Is everyone ok?" He calls. Carter nods. Anthony sighs in relief. He gets up and walks over to the rest of the group. Violet is still in the corner comforting Hiro. Tanner walks closer to her. "Violet...that's not...I heard they were childless...but..is ...?" Violet looks up at him with those purple eyes. "Yeah. Its Amelia's son. And he's gifted - he's not Frozen yet." Tanner and the other guys stare at the tiny boy in disbelief as he plays with Violet's jewlery. She ignores the guys and continues playing with Hiro.
  10. Anthony finally speaks. "Well...in that case, take him back to the hotel and look after him. Be careful...we don't want Amelia getting him back." Violet nods, scoops Hiro into her arms, and leaves. The four guys seem to exchange a silent conversation for a moment, then they turn to you. "____, you should go back too. You should rest." Miku says. You shake your head. "No. I'm not going anywhere until I know Mark and Serene are safe. I'll help you guys search." The guys exchange worried looks. Finally Carter comes forward and says, "Ok, ____. We could use the help. And while we're looking, we can answer some of your questions.
  11. "Well, I think they have some sort of basement, or underground chamber or something. I think the entrance is in the garden. Let's go look there first." Anthony takes command. The other guys agree and you head out the door to the garden. You are met with a strange sight when you exit the house. The front yard is totally trashed. Flowers are trampled, water splashed everywhere. You go to the pond and see a purple hair ribbon floating in it. You pick it up and put it on a rock to dry. "Looks like Violet sure gave Alex a hard time," you comment. "I'll take this back to her..." But the guys are looking at something else. Its a small door in the side of the house. You rush over to where they're standing. "Who goes first?" Carter asks. Tanner grins. "Step aside, bros." He tries to turn the doorknob, but its locked. Unfazed, Tanner just grabs the door and rips it off its hinges.
  12. Behind the door - or lack thereof- is a dark, narrow stone staircase. You follow the guys into it, descending slowly into the stuffy darkness, wondering where it's taking you.
  13. Sorry to leave it at another cliffhanger, but that's it for part 22! Please remember to comment and I can't wait to see you at part 23! Have a happy valentines day!

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