Which will fall for you part SIX

Hello everyone! This is part six of the "Which will fall for you" quiz series. I'm sorry it's so late, but I'm very busy during the week. Anyway, I hope to have part seven out soon, and please enjoy this quiz. I hope you all get who you want!

Quick recap: You found out Miku's secret, and about this special power called music that he posseses. You dont know much about the music, but it seems to be important to Miku. You then went to sleep. Please be sure to comment on my quiz - your positive comments are what keeps me making more of these quizzes! Good luck!

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. It's the next morning, and you hurry downstaris to eat breakfast. You stop before you go in the kitchen, though. You can hear all the guys inside talking. You try to listen, but you only catch snippets of phrases. What stands out to you?
  2. Suddenly it becomes quiet and Anthony opens the door. You fall into the kitchen.
  3. The guys all look angry, but you can tell that theyre not really angry about you. It must've been what they were talking about before you entered the kitchen. Anthony sighs. "_____, the reason that we took you here is-"
  4. "-is because you are not normal. I mean, you are special."
  5. They see your confused look. Miku stands up and hugs you. He says, "_____, you are special. You possess a talent that could be very useful to us...it could even save us."
  6. Tanner says, "You have the power of the music inside of you." "Like Miku?" You ask. Carter shakes his head. "No, Miku was taught the music. You have it inside of you. You never learned it from anyone." Miku breaks in, "I saw it that night when I saw you from the street. I was positive you had it, but when I started to get to know you, I began to doubt my judgement...until you listened to me last night. Then I knew that I wasn't wrong."
  7. "Before I answer that question, let me explain music to you." Anthony goes into encyclopedia mode, where he seems to know everything. "Music is a special kind of energy, so because it is energy it cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be possessed." He looks at you. "Following me so far?"
  8. "This energy has special powers. We don't fully understand the powers yet, but I'm working on it. The energy is also contained in a special way. It flows in the sounds, and the sounds keep the energy from diffusing. Odd, huh?"
  9. (I'm going to assume that you answered the first one, if you didn't then oh well) "Well, that type of music cannot be possessed. But once in a while, the music takes root in people. And sometimes, very rarely, someone is born with it in them." Anthony's eyes are shining with excitement. "We've never seen anyone like you before, so we don't know exactly what you can do, but I'm trying to study it, and-"
  10. "So if it's in a person, it can be possessed?" You ask. "Right," Miku says. "It takes a solid form for some reason when its inside a person." You are about to ask another question when the entire house begins to shake violently. Several glass items fall off of shelves and shatter at your feet. Who do you run to?
  11. Whoever you chose above is now holding you. The other guys all seem to be working. Everyone is calm, silent, and focused. In a few seconds they are all together carrying several bags. You bury your face in the guy you chose's chest. He picks you up and carries you. You can sense that the others are there too. You feel that you're moving, and then your atmohsphere abrubtly changes. There's still shaking, but its damp and cold and metallic feeling. You think you may be in a tunnel.
  12. You walk for a very long time. Eventually the shaking stops. No one talks; all you can hear is water dripping somewhere and your own ragged breathing.
  13. Emotionally exhausted, you fall asleep in the guy's arms. As you drift off, you mumble his name and he pulls you tighter.
  14. That's it for part six! I'm sorry that it was so late, but I do hope you enjoyed it. Please come back for part seven!

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