Which will fall for you part 15

Welcome to part 15 of the which will fall for you quiz series! I hope you enjoy this part, and hopefully 16 will be out soon. Thanks so much for all your great comments, I love to hear from you all so much.

Another new character is introduced in this quiz, but just so you know, however many new characters there are, the choices will still be the original four guys. Thanks so much to all of you who comment and email me and who take my quizzes! Please enjoy!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You, Carter and Miku walk outof the forest. You walk for a while when you see a giant city up ahead. "Woah," you breathe. "What is that?" Carter grins. "Venice."
  2. Miku laughs. "Well, technically its our headquarters. But we like to call it Venice." He winks. "Don't ask. Plus keeping the name as the name of an actual city distracts demons. They're rather stupid creatures sometimes. Its their sheer number that makes them dangerous..." He trails off, looking at the beautiful architecture. Still nearing the city, you ask in an awed voice, "How do you keep this a secret?" Carter smiles. "Only people with Gifts can see it." He proceeds to an archway and disappears into it. Miku grabs your hand and follows.
  3. You enter the city. Its extremely quiet. You see a few people here and there, but mostly the city is empty. Carter and Miku are leading you towards a giant dome in the heart of the city. You stare in wonder at it as its golden exterior reflects the sun. You enter it through a wide door with the guys by your side. You find yourself surrounded by lots of computers and monitors. There are elevators going up to offices and floors on indoor balcony looking things, like a hotel. There's a bunch of people working the computers.
  4. Carter smiles at you. "Welcome to your new home." You take a deep breath and nod. "Here- I'll show you your room," Miku says. Carter nods. "I have something I need to do. I'll see you in a little while." He disappears into an elevator. Miku leads you to a different elevator. "Come on, this way."
  5. The elevator goes to the very top floor. Its like a balcony going all the way around the inside of the dome. Miku leads you to a room and opens the door. Inside its not fancy and actually pretty bare. There's a bed and no other furniture. There's a giant window seat, though, that looks out over the city. There's an awesome view. "I know there's not much, but we give everyone complete freedom. Decorate it however you want." You're already planning...
  6. "Anyway, just wanted to show this to you before we go to meet the others," Miku is saying. Your head snaps up. "What? They're already here?!" Miku nods. "Let's go meet them."
  7. You leave your room and get back into the elevator to head to the level right above the ground floor. Apparently these are offices. You follow Miku into a large office. Tanner, Anthony, Carter, and Violet are spread throughout the room doing their own things. Tanner is playing with a hackey sack and looking very bored. Violet has her eyes closed and earphones in, leaning against a bookcase. Carter is writing something at a desk and Anthony is over by a window just like the one in your room. He's talking to a man of about twenty-seven with black hair and glasses.
  8. The unfamiliar man turns when he hears you enter. His smiling green eyes shine behind his glasses. Their warmth makes you feel more comfortable. "Welcome to HQ," he says warmly. "Thanks," you reply. He continues, "____, I've heard so much about you! My name is Matt. I'm the head director here. Nice to meet you!"
  9. Anthony steps in. "Matt is kind of the father figure here at HQ. Since all of us have to leave home and our families, he tries to make it as comfortable as possible, especially for newcomers." Tanner speaks up. "Yeah, its like family here." Everyone smiles kindly at you except Violet, who is still sitting with her eyes closed. You feel happy and comfortable.
  10. "Why don't you go on a tour of HQ? Just to check it out?" Matt is suggesting. All the guys are nodding enthusiastically. "Let's see..." Matt surveys the room. "You can go with..."
  11. "...Violet!" Six heads snap to look at Matt's innocent smile. Anthony, Carter and Miku are giving him frantic warning looks, and Tanner is sending full on death glares. Violet is suddenly standing with an expression of pure fury. "There. Is. No. Way." She spits. Matt doesn't seem fased. He grins at her. "Please, nii-san? For your brother?"
  12. Violet looks at him for a long time. The air in the room is tense. Finally she says, "Fine." She walks over to you. "Meet me outside the dome in fifteen minutes." She storms out of the room. Matt is looking very pleased with himself. Anthony comes over and whispers to you, "When Violet first came here, Matt pretty much adopted her. He's the only person she shows affection for. They call each other brother and sister in Matt's native language, japanese. She has a soft spot for him...he's the first one to care for her..."
  13. "Anyway, you should get ready to go." As you leave the room, Tanner calls after you, "Oh, and ____? If she says anything to you....pay no attention. You're above that. And she'll warm up eventually..." You mull this over as you head towards the front of the dome.
  14. That's all for part 15! Thanks for taking this. Hope you liked it. Please comment and come back for 16!

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