Which will fall for you part 26

hey everyone and welcome to part 26 of which will fall for you! Sorry this took so long. Please enjoy it, and remember to check out my websites. Remember, if you have stories or fanart you want to submit, please feel free to do so- I'd love to have more stuff up on there.

So you have just met Demetri, and he's doing something weird to Violet. Please comment, and I hope you like it! Sorry again for the wait and thank you all for being so patient. Enjoy, and I'll see you all in part twenty seven!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You stare at Demitri in horror. "Who...What are you?" You ask, anger making your voice quiver. That annoying smile of his widens a bit and he lets out a cold laugh. "I'm a Kuro, but I think you knew that. I'm here to find the two young Gifted girls under the guise of recruiting Ki. I was told that one of these girls is the legendary Wind Singer - the same Wind Singer who it is prophesised will destroy Bea Hina and all she stands for." He tilts his head. "But surprisingly, the Wind Singer was very easy to possess."
  2. Demitri looks at Violet gasping for air on the ground. "See, I have a special power - unique even for a Kuro. I can possess people. Get inside their body and mind and attack them from the inside." You feel your stomach turn as you realize what has happened to Violet. Demitri says with satisfaction, "Yes, she's totally under my control. However, you were much harder to possess. I couldn't even do it for one second. Very strange that the Wind Singer would be so much weaker than her companion..." He shrugs. "Oh well." He touches his temples and turns so he's facing away from you. Violet withers in pain, the glassy red look never leaving her eyes. You lean down next to her, searching frantically for any way you might help her. She stares at you, and for a second the red leaves her eyes and, slowly, as if she were moving against an enormous force, she reaches in her purse and shoves the contents at you. You watch her helplessly as she shudders, closes her eyes, and is still. You look down at what she gave you - it's her shining silver fans.
  3. Your heart heavy with rage and grief, you turn around and see Demitri, his back still to you, his head down and shoulders moving as if he were crying. You grip the fans in either hand and narrow your eyes. Demitri turns around and you see that he's not crying at all. He's laughing. His smile is full of sharp pointed teeth and the black crescent flickers over his dark eyes. "Sweet dreams, Miss _____," he says. "It's over." He lunges at you.
  4. You throw a fan with all of your strength. It slices past his arm. You catch the fan between your thumb and forefinger as black blood begins to seep from the cut. The blood is enough to surprise him, and he slows down enough for you to jump, drawing your sword and slicing his arm. Demitri growls in pain and anger. He grabs your sword and closes his eyes. You yelp as the blade grows white hot. You drop it as fast as you can, your hands red and stinging with nasty looking burns. But you're not giving up yet. On an impulse, you hit him in the face, right on the crescent moon on his forehead. He gasps and narrows his eyes at you. He knocks your hand from his head and grabs your head, pressing his index finger to your temple.
  5. You feel a pain in your forehead and an immense pressure. You fight against it, but are finding it harder and harder to keep conciousness. You try as hard as you can to keep from falling into the darkness, but it's not enough.
  6. For a while you feel like you're falling. There's nothing but black. You lay in the black, totally still and silent, as if waiting for something. Then a light clicks on and you see you are alone in a room. The room is painted white. There's a big black arrow in the middle pointing straight at you. Other than that, the room's totally empty. Suddenly you hear laughter all around you and Demitri's voice echoes. "Just give up, ______. You can't win against me. Just let me possess you already!" "Never!" you say fiercely. Demitri laughs again. "So firey. We could use someone like you on our side. What do you say? Become a Kuro, have awesome powers, see your sister. Join us, or die. What do you choose?"
  7. "I would rather die than join you," you spit at the floor. Demitri stops laughing. "Well, fine. This is the end, then...pity. Good-bye, _______..." The arrow on the floor starts to fade with his voice, and you spin around to see a door. The door is fading fast with the arrow. You run to the door, but it's as if you're running through water. Your legs are so heavy you can barely move them. You reach for the doorknob until finally your hand closes around its fading form. With all your strength, you pull on the door and it opens, agonizingly slowly, to reveal a brilliant purple light. "I will not die!" You shout. Then you throw yourself into the purple brilliance.
  8. In the purple, its totally quiet and calm. You suddenly feel sleepy. "See...told you..." You mumble, your eyelids falling. The sweet purple washes over you and you smile in the total quiet before sleep wraps around you.
  9. Next thing you know, you're flat on your back on some grass. You shiver as you look up at the bright stars. You sit up quickly as you realize that you're back in the garden, the warm night soft around you. You look around for Demitri, but he's nowhere to be found. It's just you and the quietly bubbling fountain. You wince as you realize how much pain you're in and try to stretch when you see Violet laying not twenty feet from you.
  10. You hurry over to violet and watch her closely. To your relief, she's breathing. It's slow and shallow, but she's alive. You carefully sit her up and her eyelids flutter open. "____?" she whispers. "Yeah," you say. Violet smiles and closes her eyes again. "I'm going to kill him. And I know exactly where he went."

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