Which will fall for you part seven

This is part eight of my quiz series, "which would fall for you: vampire, fairy, angel, or elf." I hope you all enjoy it, and Im sorry its so late (again) and i really will try to get the next one out faster. The reason they take so long is because I like stories that are more than just crap, they have actual plotlines and fun characters. So please please forgive me.

Recap of prior events: You found out about the music that you possess. There was a giant "earthquake" and you evacuated the mansion. All right then, lets get started! Have fun, and if you like it please comment on it!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You eventually wake up from your deep sleep. You're laying in something warm, but cool air bites your face. You sit up and look around. You're in a forest somewhere, laying in a sleeping bag. You are laying in a small clearing, and you cant see anyone near you.
  2. You decide to try to find the guys - they've got to be somewhere.
  3. You wander around the woods for awhile, but you can't find a way out and you don't see anything living. You feel utterly lost, and its too much to take. Then, suddenly, you hear a growl behind you.
  4. (Assuming you chose the first one) You slowly turn around to face whatever's behind you. It's a wolf, and it looks like no wolf you've ever seen; its huge and muscular, with a coloring so black that it almost looks blue.
  5. The wolf silently stalks towards you. You're shaking violently. It snarls and lunges at you. Just as it's right near your throat you give out a tiny gasp. The wolf stops dead in its tracks and stares at you, snarling. It starts to circle you, as if trying to figure out what you are. You whisper,
  6. The wolf flinches at your voice. It gives you an idea. "BOO!" You yell at the wolf. It yelps as if in pain and staggers a bit. Then out of the corner of your eye you see a flash of movement. It's Miku. He's holding a gun and pointing it straight at the wolf, never taking his eyes off his target.
  7. Miku says softly through gritted teeth, "____, get out of here. Now." he's still not looking at you, still pointing his gun at the wolf.
  8. (assuming that you chose the last one)Miku's head snaps up and he looks at you for the first time. "W-What?" he says, the edge in his voice replaced by surprise. You turn to the wolf and say, "I am...
  9. The wolf whimpers and lays down, looking as if its in a lot of pain. When Miku starts to move closer, it growls again and tries to stagger to its feet, but fails and falls back down. Miku turns to look at you. "What are you doing?" He asks, the edge once again in his voice.
  10. Then an idea pops into your head. You bend down very close to the wolf and look in its eyes. You are vaguely aware of Miku yelling at you, but the sound is muffled, like you're underwater. You put your mouth by the wolf's ear and softly sing the melody that Miku was playing two nights ago. The wolf lets out a howl that's like nothing you've ever heard - it pierces your heart. Then its eyes close and it falls limply to the ground.
  11. Next thing you know, you're in Miku's arms. You can feel his heart is pounding very fast. After a few seconds, he pushes you away. In a dangerously soft voice, he articulates: "Do not. Do that. Again. Ever." He won't meet your eyes. You hear something behind you and turn to see Carter and Tanner looking at you and Miku in surprise. Miku won't look at them either. He doesnt wait for someone to talk, but stalks off into the woods.
  12. Carter and Tanner hurry over to you. "Are you hurt?" Carter asks. You shake your head, suddenly unable to speak. You have no idea why Miku is so upset, why you're in the middle of a forest, or why you even left the mansion in the first place. You realize that you're shaking and someone is holding you.
  13. Carter and Tanner take you back to the clearing where you originally set out from, except now there are tents and a fire set up. You follow Carter and Tanner into the largest tent and find Anthony inside, looking at a blood sample under a microscope. He looks up grimly as you come in. "______, I think we need to talk."
  14. That's all for part seven! I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed making it, and I'll try to get the next one out faster. Please comment and rate, and be back for part eight!

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