Which will fall for you part 31

Hey everyone. Welcome to part 32 of which will fall for you. The storys come a long way since I first started it! ^^ sorry for the lateness...lots of work. :/ anyway enjoy!!!

Last time you were faced with a new challenge: fighting two creepy kuro twins on top of a helicopter. Soooo...good luck! Ahaha. Please comment and I'll see you all next time as well in part 33!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. The twins stare at you with sad eyes flashing darkly. They hold hands with one pair of hands and the others go to strange star pendants hanging around their necks. "You must DIE!" They scream. The air fills with lightning and a huge rumble of thunder growls around you. You stumble backwards and barely regain balance to stop yourself from falling off the edge. You hear shouts from below and notice the helicopter is slowly descending. Carter and Hannah stand next to you. Carter looks disgusted; Hannah's face is blank.
  2. You quickly take out your sword and run at the twins. The boy turns to face you and holds his palm out. A long sparking black arrow shoots out of his palm and hits you in the chest, knocking you backwards quite a few feet. Carter charges at Abigail. She sends an arrow shooting towards him faster than you can blink. He barely evades it and rolls forward, never stopping running at her. He's almost there when suddenly the twins disappear. He looks around confusedly and you pull yourself to your feet.
  3. "Here we are," they say simultaneously, crescent moons flashing. They stand one on each side of the helicopter. You and Carter are trapped between them. Hannah is nowhere to be seen. The shouts from inside the helicopter grow louder and more frantic as the wind rocks the copter violently. The twins hold out both hands toward you. "Our lovely demon..." They whisper. Then you're surrounded by a storm of electric arrows running through your body.
  4. You scream and you can hear Carter screaming next to you as the shocks run through your body. You feel as if you're about to explode with pain. The wind picks up even more and your vision blurs. You close your eyes and clench your teeth to keep from screaming as the helicopter sways dangerously.
  5. Then, as suddenly as it began, the burst of arrows is gone. The wind dies down a bit and you look around to see the twins are gone too. You gasp in pain as you drop to your knees and cough up blood. The helicopter stops swaying and you realize vaugely that its landed. The wind and dark sky are still there, however. You can barely move. You hear shouts and someone calling your name. You close your eyes for a few seconds.
  6. When you open them again, you feel better. You're laying on your back. You glance down and see Serene with her hands on your heart, a blue glow surrounding them. She looks up at your face and breathes a sigh of relief and pulls her hands back. You sit up and everyone crowds around you. Next to you Carter is just sitting up as well. Anthony looks very concerned. "What happened up there? We should have sent backup. I'm so sorry...." He looks worried.
  7. As Carter explains what happened, you look around. The ground is hard and gray- not a single speck of life is here. A few feet beyond the crowd around you and Carter sits Hannah, head buried in her arms. You get up carefully and walk up to her. She doesn't look at you. "I'm sorry. I hesitated and got scared and..." She breaks off. You feel a bit of pity for her but don't say anything.
  8. Carter stands up and you help Hannah to her feet. Anthony looks at everyone seriously. "Well, we've come this far. Let's go. It's time to enter that area- the heart of Xanda." It looks like a giant wall about a hundred yards away. You start to walk silently towards it and everyone falls into step behind you.
  9. When you're a mere inch from the field, which is cackling with sparks of purple, you stop and close your eyes. You take a deep breath. "I'm coming Violet," you whisper before stepping into the black dome of electricity.
  10. Thanks for taking it! Hope you enjoyed. See you next time!

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