Which will fall for you part 21

Hey everyone! Finally, part 21 is out! I hope you all like it, and I'm sorry to those of you who hate cliffhangers... Hehe...but I really hope you have fun. I hope you get who you want!

Recap! So your plane engine wasn't working right, so you had to hike to the village. Before you landed, you were attacked by a bunch of demons. Why are they here? Could Bea even be here? Please comment and come back for 22! Have fun!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. "I'm so glad we're finally here," you sigh tiredly as you sit down on your bed. The hotel room is modest - gray walls, gray floor, one window and three beds - but its way better than that jungle you had to hike through to finally get here in the late afternoon. Violet slams down her things. "Well it wouldn't have taken so long if Mark had flown more carefully." Serene pushes up her glasses. "You know that's not his fault, Violet." she says calmly. Violet grumbles incoherantly under her breath.
  2. Right then, Miku comes bursting into the "girl" hotel room. "Hey guys...I mean, girls...well...whatever! Anyway, we think we may have found someone who can tell us why all those demons attacked us." "That's great!" Serene exclaims. Even Violet looks interested. Miku continues, "Its been decided that you three will go to talk to him, along with one of us while everyone else pokes around the town to look for demons and other clues of Bea."
  3. "So, who's going with us?" You ask Miku. He frowns and suddenly seems a bit tense. "Well...actually we drew straws, and Mark won so he'll be going with you guys." Miku doesn't meet your eyes.
  4. Serene takes charge of your group. "Ok. The person we're supposed to talk to has a home in the middle of the town. Its owned by a wealthy but childless couple. I'm assuming we're talking to one of them." She heads out the door. "This way, let's go." You and the rest of the group enter the town. Its bigger than you expected, with plenty of people milling around both the tall apartments and houses and vendors selling items. Your group hurries down the labyrinth-like streets until you find yourself standing in front of a gate about neck high with spikes on top. The restof your group falls into place behind you.
  5. Inside the gate is a scene that provides a huge contrast to the dirty town around it. There is a low, long house painted a pale blue, and all the doors are glass. In front of the house is a garden. Trees and exotic flowers line the property, and orange and white coi fish circle in a rocky pool. A small chinese boy plays by the pool. He talks quietly to himself and the fish. Its unusually quiet and peaceful here.
  6. "How do we get in?" You whisper, not wanting to disturb the quiet. Violet rolls her eyes. "Move." Violet pushes the rest of the group back and grabs the gate with both hands. "Hey! Little boy!" She calls in a voice full of playfulness and joy. "What's your name?" The boy looks up, startled. "Um..uh... My name...is...Hiro..do you want...to...play with me?" He asks timidly. Violet smiles kindly as you watch, your jaw hanging to the floor. "I would love to play with you!" She exclaims. "Can I come in?" The little boy nods vigorously and comes over to the gate. He takes out a silver key and opens the gate and let's Violet in. She instantly begins to play with Hiro, purposely distracting him from relocking the gate and lures him over to a far corner of the yard, where they draw in the dirt. You, Mark and Serene creep past while she keeps him busy. You are surprised by Violet's genuinely happy look.
  7. Mark leads you around the house to a back door that's slightly ajar. "We want to explore the place before we see the couple who lives here." Mark explains in a whisper. You nod. "Don't get caught," Serene warns before disappearing around another corner. You and Mark enter swiftly and silently to find yourselves in a dark hallway. You hear voices coming from the other end. Mark motions for you to follow him and you creep down the hall and rest outside of a closed door. A small bit of light filters out from under it, and you can hear everything the people inside are saying, but the most of it doesn't make any sense. What sticks out to you is:
  8. You're listening intently when suddenly you hear a loud, "Meow!" You jump and see a gray cat staring at you with bright green eyes. Mark is nowhere to be found. The cat winds around your legs as you get up and tiptoe down the hall. You struggle to keep your balance, but the cat keeps trying to trip you and you fall heavily, landing with a huge thud. You freeze. The murmer of voices stops. You hear a few quick footsteps and then light floods the hall. You squint into the sudden brilliant light and see a man and a woman. The man looks American, with brown hair and eyes, but the woman is chinese. She's beautiful. She has long black hair that reaches to her waist, and bangs cropped to her chin. She has flawless pale skin and eyes so dark they seem black. The cat purrs on your chest as you wait nervously for someone to say something.
  9. The woman slowly reaches down and picks up the cat. She kisses its head before handing it to her husband. "____, is it?" She asks you in a voice that seems to command the world despite its low volume. She smiles at you with perfect white teeth. "Come with me, please. Alex, take the precious kitty out to play." She has those black eyes trained on you, and never let's you escape her gaze even when she's ordering around her husband, who leaves without a word.
  10. You scramble to your feet and follow the lady, who's dressed in a long, dark red dress, into a room full of painted screens and fans. "Tea?" She asks you. Her english is slightly accented, almost British. You shake your head to refuse tea and sit down on a mat on the floor on your knees. The lady sits opposite you. You can't meet her eyes, but you know they're drilling into you. "I'm Amelia, _____. And I wouls like to know what you are doing in my house, please."
  11. That's part 21! Sorry it was late and kind of short, but I hope you enjoyed it. Please come back for 22 and remember to comment! ^.^

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