Which will fall for you part five!

Hey everybody, this is part five of my "which would fall for you" quiz series. Thank you all for commenting and rating on my quizzes, please continue to do so! I love reading your comments! Thank you also for helping make the other parts so popular.

Recap: you are still mystified by miku's past, and you also just realized that there is no front door to the house and planned to ask about it at dinner. You guys know how to play, and good luck, hope you all get who you want!!!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. Ok so you go to dinner with the guys. It's kind of silent and awkward. You try to start a conversation about...
  2. But you still can't get a good conversation going. You give up and are silent for a few minutes until you remember to ask about the door. How do you phrase your question?
  3. The guys look surprised. "Well of course there's no front door." Anthony says. "Then people could get in." You look confused, and Carter says, "We don't usually welcome visitors here." Tanner laughs at that. Miku seems lost in his own world.
  4. You go to sleep that night and dream about the painting you saw earlier in the art gallery. Around 3:00 AM you wake up. You sit up in bed and wonder what woke you up.
  5. Then you hear the music again. This time you go straight to the attic where Miku is playing the piano by moonlight which is shining down through a skylight. You
  6. Miku plays the final chord and you go and sit next to him on the piano bench. He seems to have been expecting you because he doesn't seem at all surprised that you are there. What grabs your attention?
  7. You are silent and so is he. You run your hands over the keys. Miku shudders and says quietly, "My mother and father were assassinated when I was five. They were "talented". They knew things others didn't. Others wanted that knowledge. But before they died, they passed what they knew on to me. I was left in the streets to fend for myself. From age five I lived off of begging and whatever I could find."
  8. "Then one especially cold winter, someone found me. His name was keko, and he was a simple nomad who just roamed from place to place randomly, or so he told me. Anyway, he cared for, taught and inspired me. He was like a father to me." Miku runs his hands over the strange markings he was reading from. "We were inseperable. I helped him earn money and in return he would teach me lovely, wonderful songs."
  9. "But then one day I was foolish. The only rule Keko ever made for me was to tell no one about our music, ever. But that one day, there was a man who wanted to know about what Keko had been teaching me. That man was a demon, but I didn't know that yet. I had only told him a little before he revealed his true self to me and I realized what I had done. I ran away as fast as I could and told keko what had happened. He was very angry, and he told me that he had to leave but no matter what, always keep playing the music, and that as long as I did that I'd be fine. Then he left, and I was alone again." You look at miku and see he's crying.
  10. "After Keko left, I continued to live on the streets. I also travelled with a couple of circuses and gypsy groups that gave me food in exchange for playing for them. Then, exactly one year after keko left, the demon who had gotten information from me came back to get more. I knew that I could not let him get hold of the music, because it was so rare. Only Fallen can carry it in them."
  11. "Anyway, when I refused to talk, he tried to destroy me. When I didn't melt as any normal human would have, he realized that I too was Fallen. Keko had changed me when he taught me the music."
  12. "I barely escaped the demon, and there are many more like him which are still out to get me and the other Fallen. That's why I can't go out much...its more important to keep the music safe."
  13. You smile at miku. "Thank you for sharing your story with me."
  14. He smiles sadly and kisses your forehead. "Thank you for listening." He leaves. You sit a few minutes and think about everything he's said, then you leave too.
  15. Well that's it for part five! I hope you enjoyed it today, and I'm sorry there was a lot of telling in there. Remember to comment and rate!

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