Which will fall for you part 16

Hey everyone! Part 16 of which will fall for you here. First of all, I'd like to thank you all for being so so patient... I know I'm late on this one. T.T sorry!! Also, nessie14 had a good idea for a which will fall for you chatroom here on gotoquiz. Is that something you would be interested in participating in? Please tell me in the comments.

Recap!! Matt is making you take a tour of headquarters with Violet as your guide. Will it turn out well? We shall see. Please comment, that's why I keep making these quizzes is because of your awesome comments. And thanks for taking this. See you in part 17!!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You head out to the front of the dome. Violet is already there. Today she's wearing black skinny jeans and a black hoodie with a purple ribbon in her hair. You feel a bit plain- you're still in the same clothes as when you left the mansion. Violet seems strangely out of place in the bright city. "Let's go." She starts walking away from you at a brisk pace.
  2. You follow Violet through the streets of Headquarters. They're pretty much empty, except for a few people here and there. Mostly you and Violet don't talk; once in a while she mumbles something like "library" or "training center", but you aren't really paying attention to her. You stare in wonder around you at this amazing city. People on the street, though, whisper behind their hands and point and stare at you.
  3. Violet suddenly stops. You almost trip over yourself as you abruptly halt. She stifles a laugh. Then her face becomes blank again. "This is the museum. You might wanna check it out...maybe you'll learn something..." She raises an eyebrow and leads the way into the tall, stately building.
  4. Inside, the building seems very large. The walls are cream colored. Golden chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the floor is blanketed in a red carpet. Paintings, documents, and sculpures line the walls.there are a few people here; they look like students.
  5. You follow Violet down the hall into a large room that's painted a dark red, with black carpeting. There is nothing in this room except for five paintings.
  6. The first picture is of a dark haired man. He's holding out his hand to a little red-headed boy who lays dying on the ground. An angelic dark haired girl hides behind the man. The background is black, but somehow light seems to resonate from the man and the girl.
  7. The second painting is the same one that you saw back in the art gallery at the mansion. Its of four beautiful guys. In this picture, however, there are many people in the sky looking over them. Does the same guy still draw you?
  8. The third picture is of a fierce looking group of men and women. At the front of the group is an especially strong guy, holding a bow and arrow and a sword stained with red. The group is stained with blood, euphoric, enthusiastic, cheering and yelling. But the man in front, obviously the leader, though tall and handsome, seems stiff and detached, not happy like everyone else.
  9. The fourth picture is of a young boy playing piano in a dark blueish light. As he plays, gray faces of demons swirl around him.
  10. You move on to the last painting. There's a girl and a guy looking out a window at a rose garden. The guy is blond and gorgeous. The girl is beautiful too. She reaches out as if to pick a rose. Your stomach sinks as you draw the resemblence between her features and yours.
  11. You spin around to look at Violet. She's smirking. For some reason this really infuriates you. You yell at her,
  12. Violet's purple eyes cut into you. "I'm not sure what you mean, ____. I'm not the one who has a problem here." Those eyes send ice up your spine. "You shouldn't be here. The guys only picked you up because you're dangerous." She turns her face to the side. "You...you're a monster. You shouldn't be here! You should be destroyed!" Violets voice is almost a sob. With a slicing sound, her steel fans open, one in each hand. Her hair falls around her face, eyes still blazing through.
  13. By instinct, you take out your sword and slice it through the air in one fluid motion. Violet spins around and sends a very sharp fan flying past your face, barely missing your forehead. She catches it with her free hand just as she sends another flying. You knock it away with your sword. Violet sends both fans flying at the same time. You duck desperately and the fans stick in the picture of the girl behind you.
  14. You stand up and run towards her with your sword while she is weaponless. In one fast motion she draws a silver dagger out of her sleeve. She runs at you, but you block her stab with your sword. The fight continues for several minutes of stabs, blocks, twirls and punches.
  15. Then suddenly you're on your back on the floor. Violet is crouching over you. "You lose, ____." She smiles in a way that sends another chill down your spine, and you find you can't move. She is about to plunge the dagger into you when you hear a loud, energetic and seemingly unconcerned voice from the other side of the room. "Now, now, girls. A little catfight is good to get your anger out, but we don't want anyone getting seriously injured, ne? Next time try fighting in the training center, where there's supervison, hehe!"
  16. Matt pulls Violet away from you while somehow also managing to hold off the four guys who look like they want to strangle her. You sit up and feel a bit dizzy. Suddenly the guys are all around you, checking to see if you are hurt, talking to you in calm voices. Matt is in the corner talking to Violet, but you can't hear what they're saying. Matt's voice isn't light or unconcerned anymore, but soft and dangerous. Violets voice is just as cold, if not colder. Matt looks furious. Violet's face is once again blank. As she brushes her hair out of her face, her eyes once again train on you. You can't read their meaning, but they still creep you out.
  17. You hear a voice vaugely. Its one of the guys offering to take you back up to your room. Its...
  18. He holds your hand as he leads you back to your room. When you're outside your door, he pulls you close and kisses your hair. "I'm so sorry, ____. That will never happen again. I promise you."
  19. That's the end of part 16!! I hope I made up for its lateness in length. And I really hope you liked it. Turned out to be a bit more intense than a catfight, no? Anyway, please comment and come back for 17!!!

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