Which will fall for you 19

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking part 19 of my quiz series, "which will fall for you." I really appreciate all your comments and advice and I do read them. So please comment if you like it.

I know the past couple have been a bit slow...no swordfighting, no guys...but hopefully that's over with. I hope you like this one! Please comment and come back for part 20! And sorry its late! *winces* oh...recap: you fainted after Matt's story. Enjoy!

Created by: xxdarkxx

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  1. You awake the next morning to a bright light. You hear voices around you and you sit up to find yourself in a hospital bed in the infirmary. A friendly-looking American woman comes to your side. She has long curly brown hair and bright blue eyes rimmed by thin glasses. "Hi, ____. Good to see you're awake. You had quite a shock." She smiles kindly at you. She can't be more than twenty. She says, "My name is Serene. I'm the head doctor here at HQ, and I go on missions to help with medical care as well."
  2. Suddenly someone bursts through the door with a yell of pure joy. An instant later you are squashed in a major bear hug.
  3. "Tanner, please! Out! Now!" Serene commands Tanner, but she can't keep the smile off her face. Tanner just laughs and sits on the edge of your cot. "So howya feeling?" He asks. You lean back in the bed, sunlight streaming through the window, warming your skin. You smile sleepily. "Good." At that moment, Miku walks into the room and sees you. A smile lights up his face and grey eyes. "Hey! You're up!" He leans out the door and calls, "Guys! She's awake!"
  4. Before you know it, all four guys are crowded around you, asking questions about how you're feeling. Serene lets them crowd for a moment before pushing them all back. "Ok, ok, give her some air, please." She turns to you. "____, you can get up and everything, right?" You nod. "I thought so. Guys, take her to the dome. I'll be there in a minute. Matt's briefing the next mission." You say good-bye to Serene and walk out of the infirmary to the dome.
  5. You enter the dome and see Matt talking to Violet. He smiles brightly at you. Violet won't meet your eyes. "____! Are you ready for your first big mission?!" Matt calls to you. You grin at him and give him a thumbs up. He walks over to you and begins to talk in a *slightly* quieter voice.
  6. "Ok. There's a city in China where a lot of people are disappearing and found murdered or not at all. We think this is because of demons. You will go there and rid the city of them. This will be harder than it sounds; demons are hard to pick out when they're disguised as humans, and there are supposed to be lots of them. See why the demons are there, and try to find any clues as to the location of Bea Hina at the same time. Your team will be Miku, Carter, Tanner, Anthony, Violet, and Serene. Its a very important mission, so we have a large team. You are flying out tomorrow." He pushes up his glasses. "Any questions?"
  7. "As for right now, you'd better get a bit more practice fighting demons in. You've only seen them twice, right? Well, in this town there may be great numbers. You'll need to be able to fight them. I suggest you do some practice combat before tomorrow." You nod.
  8. You head over to the training center with the four guys. Inside its huge- about the size of a football stadium. It's enclosed, and the walls and ceiling seem to be made of a very hard, shiny silver metal. The ground is covered in short, neat grass. The guys walk over to the edge of the grass, where there is a control panel and a couple benches. Anthony puts on a headset and starts manipulating some controls. Carter takes out a sketchpad and begins to draw. Miku plays with his lip ring. Tanner takes out his hackey sack and starts to play.
  9. Suddenly, two people appear out of nowhere. They walk robotically and have glassy, vacant stares. Cautiously, you look at Anthony and he motions for you to take out your sword. You do so hastily as the people come closer and closer. At about fifteen yards away, they abruptly stop. Their expressions seem like ones of great pain, and their skin looks shiny and hard. Slowly, they raise their arms as their skin turns a dark grey and their eyes blacken.
  10. Before you know it, machine gun fire is upon you. Your new reflexes allow you to avoid it at the last second. Your heart is pounding like crazy. You grip your sword tightly and run towards the demons, avoiding their fire with your lightning fast reflexes. When you reach them, you try to slice the arm of the smaller one but their skin/shell is too hard. You engage in fierce combat with the demon as the other one backs away from the fight. You strike everywhere you can reach. You manage to scratch it but its shell is pretty hard. The demon fights back, trying to cut you with its sharp skin. Finally, with a detirmined thrust, you stab your sword into the demon's chest. Black blood runs off our blade as the demon disintegrates into a gray sand.
  11. You spin around and see the other demon coming quickly toward you. You lock it in combat. This demon seems to be slightly more competent and has the advantage at first. Its razor sharp limbs barely miss your face. As you struggle to gain power and momentum, the demon comes closer and closer to you. With little roomto manuver, you jump high in the air and land perfectly behing the demon. Before it can turn around you send your sword into its neck and neatly slice off its head. You stand watching the gray sand melt into the grass, exhausted but elated.
  12. You fight demons all day long, the guys watching you with delight and interest. With every victory you increase your skills and experience. By the end of the day, you have no shortage of cuts, bruises, and burns. The grass in the arena is charred and some spots are smoking. Your sword is stained with demon blood- you can now take out up to five at a time. But even though you're exhausted, the adrenaline was totally worth it.
  13. "____?" Carter calls you with a hint of excitement in his voice. You walk over to the guys. Anthony smiles shyly at you. "We have a surprise for you, ____." Carter cuts in, "Since your first mission is tomorrow, and you definetly proved your skills today, we would like to recognize you as an official member of the Gifted Alliance." He hands you a silver pin about two and a half inches in diameter. It's shaped like a lotus and etched with black writing in some foreign language.
  14. "Thank you so much..." You say. Miku adds, "Oh, and you'll need the uniform too. Pick one up before you go to your room." Anthony smiles at you. "You're really one of us now." You nod, unable to speak, before heading back to your room to get a good nights rest before your big day tomorrow.
  15. Ok guys...just one more question to help you imagine yourself in the story more. Which uniform do you choose? Remember, you'll be wearing it from now on so choose wisely! Oh- and they are all black. Sorry. That's the uniform! ^.^ thanks so much for taking my quiz! Please comment and come back for part 20!!

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